Decentral Games Community Spotlight: EmpressRaeon

Decentral Games Community Spotlight: Empress Raeon

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hey, Empress Raeon here at your service!

Empress Raeon with Baus at Diamond Hands City
Empress Raeon at Diamond Hands City

A little about me off the poker tables is that I really like sports and sports betting. I’m an LA Native so go Dodgers, but that’s about as far as it goes because I am a Packers and Redwings fan haha.

Other than sports, I really like live concerts and have probably been to over 1,000 different shows. My favorite food is brunch foods, so hit me with an eggs benny + a mimosa and I am one happy little camper.

How did you get into web3? What was your web3 “aha” moment?

I first learned about crypto and web3 when one of my friends bought Bitcoin at $35.

I didn’t buy in at the time because my parents were against it haha (thanks dad XD). But then Bitcoin shot up and I realized my mistake. I eagerly jumped in and was floored by all the options to buy.

After finding Ripple and Stellar, I was hooked on the idea of resolving oversea banking fees and time constraints because that was something that I had to deal with. That was my aha moment seeing real ways crypto can improve our daily lives.

How did you find out about Decentral Games, how long have you been involved in the community, and what kept you coming back?

I got involved with Decentral Games shortly after release.

I met AltCoin and he wanted to do a video of him playing at the poker tables. That’s also when I met Sannin and Jar0d. Everyone was so cool and nice about explaining ICE Poker to me. You could feel that buzz of excitement and fun coming off them from being involved in the game—I bought in and never looked back!

The friendships and community are what kept me coming back. We were constantly talking about ICE Poker and strategizing.

I played poker with my friends on the weekends just for fun, nothing serious, so I already knew how to play. But then I learned about this other side of it where you have to know your ranges, know your position, and all these parts that I had never heard before. That added another dimension to the game that I’m still learning today.

Do you have a fun memory or story hanging out with the Decentral Games’ community?

Recently, one of the funniest memories I have is when we were at Diamond Hands City Thursday. We were doing our thing on the tables and then Saus was like “oh, do you guys need some entertainment?”

The next thing I know he has a two-piece outfit on and started twerking on the tables. Then he jumped on top of the POAP machine and I started throwing some dollar bills at him haha.

It was so funny to me and it showed how we’re here to have fun, make jokes, enjoy hanging out, and not just play poker.

What advice you would give to a new ICE Poker player?

I would start playing SNG tournaments first.

I think the ICE Poker Arcade app is a really good way for people to dip their toes in and not get overwhelmed since you can sign up with email. Then you can progress to learn about web3, MetaMask, and the Metaverse. That’s how I’ve been introducing new players and it has been going well.

What’s your favorite ICE Poker wearable collection?

The ICE Pirate is my favorite collection. My favorite wearable is the Chef Stars ✨

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

Hmm… I’d have to say endurance! Web3 never sleeps so if I didn’t tire as a normal human I could keep working and going haha.

Are you working on any projects in web3?

Yes, the Royal Babes NFT.

Royal Babes NFT project
Royal Babes NFT

It’s been an amazing journey learning how to code and make an entire NFT project by myself. The Royal Babes came from a love of ICE Poker and wanting to bring new gamers into web3.

Initially, I also wanted it to be a way for delegates to become ICE Poker wearable owners. But I saw that mostly owners were interested so I switched to giving out $ICE instead of delegations. We’re now just two mints away from giving out the second ICE Poker wearable. And we’re giving away a Doki Pass which brings value to the Decentraland community as a whole.

I can’t thank everyone enough for rocking with me, and I will continue to do what I can to bring value to you all!

Where can people learn more about you and what you’re doing?

You can catch me on the socials below and I stream ICE Poker throughout the week:

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