ICE Poker Economic Update – Nov 8

ICE Poker Economic Update - Nov 8

It’s been incredible to see so many DG community members playing to earn with ICE Poker over this last week! The DG Team has been busy working on gameplay improvements, new features, and getting ready for the 2nd ICE Wearables drop later this week. 

Since the launch of ICE Poker Beta, the price of ICE has appreciated 4x in terms of USD while the ICE Poker rewards and upgrade costs have remained the same in terms of ICE. Now, as we near the second ICE Poker NFT Drop, we feel it’s appropriate to recalibrate a few variables to ensure the long-term sustainability of the ICE Poker ecosystem. Furthermore, we’re introducing changes to incentivize real gameplay and winning in poker, in order to make it as realistic as possible. 

Tuesday, November 9th will be the last day with ICE Poker gameplay rewards at the current rates, and the following updates will go into effect Wednesday, November 10th at 12am UTC:

ICE Rewards

The ICE Rewards for each challenge is being updated to:

  • Check in: 5 ICE
  • Easy Challenge: 25 ICE + 1 XP
  • Medium Challenge: 100 ICE + 2 XP
  • Hard Challenge: 200 ICE + 3 XP

330 ICE is currently ~$65, a big increase in USD value compared to what players were earning during launch.

Upgrade Costs

The ICE cost to upgrade your ICE Poker NFTs will be updated to: 

  • Level 1 → 2: 5,000 ICE + 50 XP
  • Level 2 → 3: 7,500 ICE  + 75 XP
  • Level 3 → 4: 10,000 ICE + 100 XP
  • Level 4 → 5: 12,500 ICE + 125 XP 

If you’ve spent 10K ICE to upgrade already, we will send you 5K ICE in order to match this price. The XP updates are meant to bring more value/rarity to the highest level wearables.

Leaderboard Multipliers

We’re more closely tying ICE payout to CHIPs performance to encourage competitive play! Multiplier tiers will be updated to the following:

We’ve been amazed with the community feedback from ICE Poker so far, and we look forward to scaling the ecosystem very soon to several thousand concurrent players! Hop in to the ICE Poker lounge here!

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