How to Get an ICE Poker Wearable

Various ICE Poker wearables

Ready to hit the tables?

Here’s how you can get an ICE Poker wearable to start playing Arcade Mode or Challenge Mode.

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Arcade Wearables

Arcade wearables give you access to play Arcade Mode and enter tournaments.

You can get one by buying one or earning one from playing.


You can buy Arcade wearables from the DG Marketplace or in the ICE Poker Arcade app.

Shop from 20+ themed wearables. Arcade wearables cost $5 and you can check out with your card in a few clicks. Each wearable comes with 9 Shine so you can instantly start entering tournaments.

Decentral Games ICE Poker Marketplace: Buying an Arcade wearable
Decentral Games Marketplace


You can earn an Arcade wearable by playing for free, leveling up, and earning an ICE Poker Chest.

Arcade wearables can be earned from Common, Rare, or Legendary chests. Many of the wearables earned from chest are exclusive to chests and can’t be found anywhere else.

All Access Wearables

All Access wearables give you access to all game modes and platforms.

You can get one by buying one from a secondary NFT marketplace, borrowing one, or earning one from playing.


You can buy All Access wearables from OpenSea, a secondary NFT marketplace, using $ETH or your card.

Important There’s a 700 $ICE activation fee for wearables transferred to a new wallet or bought from a secondary marketplace. You can activate your wearable on the DG Account page.

If you’re new to web3 and OpenSea, then check out our video guide below and OpenSea’s Help Center.


You can borrow an All Access wearable to start playing Challenge Mode for free by joining an ICE Poker team.

When you’re part of a team, your Team Manager will assign you a wearable to borrow for a reward split. The default reward split for a rank 1 wearable is:

  • 60% to you
  • 40% to the ICE wearable owner

To join an ICE Poker team, you can submit a player application in the Decentral Games Discord server.

Step 1: Join the Discord server.

Step 2: Under the Start Here category, head over to the #new-player-application channel, and submit a form.

Decentral Games Discord channel to search for an ICE Poker team
New Player Application channel

Step 3: When you’re contacted, you only need to provide your wallet address. You do not need to connect your wallet to any third party site.


You can earn an All Access wearable by winning tournaments in Arcade Mode or by getting one from a chest.

Limited edition wearables are available in the Arcade Prize Shop. Win tournaments and redeem your badges to get one.

ICE Poker All Access wearables in Arcade Prize Shop
ICE Poker All Access wearables in Arcade Prize Shop

You can earn an All Access wearable by leveling up and earning one from a Legendary chest.

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