How to Join an ICE Poker Team to Play Challenge Mode for Free

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To start playing ICE Poker’s Challenge Mode for free, you join an ICE Poker team for a reward split.

This article walks you through the process of joining a team.

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What Is Challenge Mode?

Challenge Mode is our free-to-play game mode: receive free chips to play each day and complete daily challenges to earn rewards.

To play, you’ll need an ICE Poker All Access wearable. You can start playing for free by joining an ICE Poker team and borrowing a wearable for a reward split.

Reward Split

Playing Challenge Mode with a borrowed wearable earns you a reward split in the form of Banked ICE.

Your reward split is based the All Access wearable’s rank. For a Rank 1 wearable, you’ll earn 60% of the rewards.

You can use Banked ICE to redeem prizes such as discounted All Access wearables, discounted Arcade wearables, and $ICE. To learn more about the reward system, check out our Banked ICE overview.

How to Join an ICE Poker Team

To join an ICE Poker team, you can submit a player application in our Discord server.

Step 1: Join the Decentral Games Discord server.

Step 2: Under the Start Here category, head over to the #new-player-application channel, and submit a form.

Decentral Games Discord channel to search for an ICE Poker team

Step 3: When you’re contacted, you only need to provide your wallet address. You do not need to connect your wallet to any third party site.

Step 4: Once you have a wearable, hop into the Stronghold to start playing.

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