How to Redeem Banked ICE from ICE Poker’s Challenge Mode

How to Redeem Banked ICE with Banked ICE logo

ICE Poker has a new and improved reward system!

Players borrowing a wearable to play Challenge Mode now earn Banked ICE. To learn more about the new reward system, read The ICE Merge overview.

This article walks you through how to view and redeem your Banked ICE rewards.

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Viewing Banked ICE Rewards

To view your Banked ICE Rewards, visit the DG Account page. Rewards are updated at midnight UTC daily.

Viewing Banked ICE in ICE Poker account
Viewing Banked ICE

Redeeming Banked ICE

To redeem your Banked ICE rewards, visit the DG Account page and click Use Banked ICE.

Using Banked ICE in ICE Poker Account page
Redeeming Banked ICE

Here’s where you can select your desired reward category:

  • Discounted All Access wearables.
  • Discounted Arcade wearables.
  • Discounted Shine.
  • $ICE tokens.
ICE Poker: Banked ICE Vault
Banked ICE Vault


Each wearable gives you access to ICE Poker’s various game modes and platforms. To learn more about each wearable type, read our wearable types explained article.


Shine is used to enter Sit and Go tournaments in Arcade Mode. To learn more about Shine and Arcade Mode, read our Arcade Mode article.


You can convert Banked ICE to $ICE tokens. The initial $ICE token conversion rate will be 1 Banked ICE = 0.3 $ICE.

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