ICE Poker Arcade Mode Explained: What Is Arcade Mode? (Part 1)

Part 1: Introducing ICE Poker Tournament Mode

ICE Poker Arcade Mode is our Sit and Go (SNG) tournament game mode.

Test your poker skills and compete in 6-player, single table tournaments to win big prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, and more.

You can play Arcade Mode on both our Metaverse platform and on the ICE Poker Arcade app.

In addition to being a fun new game mode, Arcade Mode benefits the Decentral Games ecosystem by burning $ICE tokens, creating additional organic demand and utility for $ICE, and providing an accelerated path for skilled players to own an All Access wearable.

To explain Arcade Mode, we’ve split this article into 3 parts:

Now, let’s dive into Part 1. This article breaks down how Arcade Mode works, what you need to play, and the prizes you can win.

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How Does Arcade Mode Work?

Each tournament begins when all six players join a table.

Games start with 10/20 blinds and increase at set time intervals throughout the tournament until there’s one last player standing.

What Do You Need to Play Arcade Mode?

To play, you’ll need an ICE wearable with Shine. This can be an Arcade wearable or an All Access wearable.

Shine = tickets to enter a tournament in Arcade Mode.

To enter a tournament, you spend Shine. The amount of Shine you need varies for different game modes and special events.

Arcade wearables are a low-cost entry point to start playing and new wearables come with 9 Shine. You can buy one from the DG Marketplace or directly within the ICE Poker Arcade app.

ICE Poker Arcade wearables in the Decentral Games Marketplace
ICE Poker Acade wearables in the Decentral Games Marketplace

What Can You Win From Arcade Mode?

If you place top 2 of any tournament, you’ll win Tournament Badges that you can use to redeem prizes. If you place 1st, you’ll also win your Shine back.

  • 1st place: 66% of badge prize pool + Shine refunded back to you
  • 2nd place: 33% of badge prize pool

The amount of badges you win depends on the tournament’s Shine entry. For example, the badges for a 3 Shine tournament are:

  • 1st place: 2 badges + 3 Shine
  • 2nd place: 1 badge

Note: Tournament Badges are administered off-chain and are non-transferrable.

Arcade Prizes

You can use badges to redeem prizes such as:

  • MacBooks
  • iPhones
  • AirPods
  • DG merch
  • All Access wearables
  • Shine

And we’ll be adding new prizes over time.

Prizes in the ICE Poker Prize Marketplace
Prize Marketplace in ICE Poker Arcade App

Arcade Mode Ecosystem Benefits

That was a high-level overview of what Arcade Mode is and how it works.

Next, we’ll dive into how Arcade Mode benefits the Decentral Games ecosystem in Part 2.

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