ICE Poker Arcade Mode Explained: Ecosystem Benefits (Part 2)

Part 2: How Tournament Mode Benefits the Decentral Games Ecosystem

In Part 1 we covered how ICE Poker’s Arcade Mode works and what prizes you can win.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Arcade Mode benefits the Decentral Games ecosystem by creating a low-cost entry point, improving player upward mobility, and being a powerful token sink.

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Creating a Low-Cost Entry Point

At the time of writing, the lowest cost for an All Access wearable is around 0.5 $ETH (via OpenSea) — we understand that this is a steep cost for many people wanting to start playing ICE Poker with their own wearable.

Arcade wearables cost approximately $5 and introduce an affordable entry point. Providing a low-cost entry point into ICE Poker, as well as the introduction of the ICE Poker Arcade Mode app will enable us to scale to millions of players in the future.

Improving Player Upward Mobility

Players currently have limited options to move upward in the ecosystem.

Arcade Mode gives skilled players an accelerated path to owning their own All Access wearable and moving upward to becoming ICE Poker team owners. Winning tournaments allow you to quickly earn an All Access wearable, upgrade your existing wearables, and expand your collection.

Burning $ICE Tokens

Aracde Mode offers a substantial $ICE token sink for the ICE Poker game economy.

A token sink is an activity where tokens are used in the game and subsequently removed from the overall supply (burned). For example, spending $ICE to upgrade your wearable is a token sink.

Token sinks play a critical role in controlling the token supply and balancing the game economy. Without these, a token’s supply can quickly inflate, putting downward pressure on price as a result.

The Decentral Games team has implemented several token sinks, such as Metaverse advertising, wearable secondary sales, activation fees, and Polygon validator node fees. Arcade Mode introduces another powerful token sink through Shine.

Only the top 2 places from each tournament win, so players will need to buy and spend $ICE to add Shine to their wearables to continue entering tournaments. This creates organic demand for $ICE while contributing to the overall stability of the token’s economics.

How to Play Arcade Mode

Next, we’ll give an easy-to-follow guide on how to join Arcade Mode, add Shine, and redeem Tournament Badges in Part 3.

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