ICE Poker Chests: Unlock Exciting Prizes

ICE Poker Pirate opening a chest

Supercharge your poker experience and unlock exciting prizes with ICE Poker Chests.

Now, every time you level up, you’ll earn a chest filled with prizes such as badges, rare wearables, emotes, and more.

Keep reading to learn about ICE Poker Chests, what prizes you can get, and how to open chests.

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What Are ICE Poker Chests?

Chests are in-game rewards that contain randomized prizes.

You’ll get a chest every time you level up. You can earn points to level up by playing any game mode.

There are currently 3 types of ICE Poker Chests:

  • Common: Free to open.
  • Rare: Costs 1 badge to open.
  • Legendary: Costs 2 badges to open.

Your player level determines the chances of what type of chest you get. The higher your level, the greater chance of you scoring a rare or legendary chest.

To open higher rarity chests, you’ll need to spend badges which you can get by placing 1st or 2nd in any tournament.

ICE Poker chests: common, rare, legendary
ICE Poker Chests
Player RankCommon ChestRare ChestLegendary Chest
Bronze (Levels 1 to 20)100%0%0%
Silver (Levels 21 to 40)50%30%20%
Gold (Levels 41 to 60)30%40%30%
Platinum (Levels 61 to 80)10%50%40%
Diamond (Levels 81+)0%40%60%

What Can You Get from Chests?

Unlocking chests can earn you various prizes such as:

  • Shine: Use Shine to enter tournaments.
  • Badges: Spend badges to open chests or redeem prizes from the Arcade Prize Shop.
  • Emotes: Short actions your avatar performs.
  • Accessories: Enhance your avatar with cosmetic items.
  • Arcade wearables: Gain access to ICE Poker Arcade tournaments.
  • All Access wearables: Gain access to all ICE Poker game modes and platforms. Equip them to play or lend them out to other players for rewards.

Higher rarity chests contain bigger and rarer prizes. Many of the wearable prizes are exclusive to chests and you can’t find them anywhere else.

Common Chest

1 Shine19%
2 Shine7%
3 Shine4%
1 Badge1%
Arcade wearable with 0 Shine39%
Common emote30%

Rare Chest

1 Shine5%
3 Shine24%
10 Shine20%
20 Shine1%
1 Badge5%
2 Badges7%
3 Badges1%
Arcade wearable with 0 Shine15%
Arcade wearable with 3 Shine11%
Rare emote11%

Legendary Chest

1 Shine5%
3 Shine23%
50 Shine3%
100 Shine1%
1 Badge15%
2 Badges16%
5 Badges1%
Arcade wearable with 0 Shine10%
Arcade wearable with 3 Shine10%
Legendary emote15%
All Access wearable1%

How to Open Chests

Step 1: Sign into the ICE Poker Arcade app. In the Player Hub, you’ll see a chest icon to the right of your avatar. Click the icon to see your available chests.

ICE Poker Arcade: Chest icon
Chest icon

Step 2: Click a chest to see more details.

ICE Poker Arcade chest menu
Chest menu

Step 3: Select a chest to see the details. Click “Open Chest” to continue.

ICE Poker Arcade Common chest
Common chest details

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