ICE Poker Player Level: What are Levels and How to Level Up

ICE Poker Pharaoh with levels floating around

Level up!

ICE Poker Player Levels is our player progression system where you can earn points and level up to unlock chests, exclusive perks, and more. Your level is the same across all ICE Poker platforms, and you can play any game mode to level up.

Read to learn more about the ICE Poker Levels, how to level up, and what you can unlock.

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ICE Poker Levels and Ranks

You can see your level in the ICE Poker Arcade app or on the DG account page.

ICE Poker level menu in the Player Hub
ICE Poker level

In the ICE Poker Arcade app, you’ll see a level icon next to your avatar in the Player Hub. This icon will display your level and rank.

Your rank depends on your level:

  • Bronze: Levels 1 to 20
  • Silver: Levels 21 to 40
  • Gold: Levels 41 to 61
  • Platinum: Levels 61 to 80
  • Diamond: Levels 81+

While playing at the tables, you’ll be able to see other players’ levels and rank by selecting their avatar.

In-game menu of your ICE Poker level
Viewing your ICE Poker level at the tables

How to Level Up

All players start at level 1. To level up, you’ll can play any game mode to earn points.

  • Free Play Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Arcade Mode

As you keep leveling up, there’ll be increasingly more points needed to reach the next level.

Free Play Mode

Earn points by winning hands, completing challenges, and increasing your chip stack.

  • Easy challenge: 20 points
  • Medium challenge: 50 points
  • Hard challenge: 100 points
  • Win a hand: 5 points (max. 30 hands per day)
  • Net chips: 0.1 point per net chip (max. 5,000 net chips)

Learn more about Free Play Mode.

Challenge Mode

Earn points by winning hands and completing your daily challenges.

  • Easy challenge: 40 points
  • Medium challenge: 100 points
  • Hard challenge: 200 points
  • Win a hand: 10 points (max. 30 hands per day)
  • Net chips: 0.1 point per net chip (max. 5,000 net chips)

Learn more about Challenge Mode.

Arcade Mode

Earn points by winning hands and based on your tournament placement.

  • Win a hand: 10 points (max. 30 hands per day)
  • Tournament placement:
    • 1st place: 1,000 points
    • 2nd place: 500 points
    • 3rd place: 300 points
    • 4th place: 200 points
    • 5th place: 100 points
    • 6th place: 50 points

You can earn 2x the points when playing Arcade Mode in the Metaverse.

Learn more about Arcade Mode.

Points Needed

Here’s how many points are needed to reach the major level and rank milestones:

  • Silver (level 21): 57,000 points
  • Gold (level 41): 246,000 points
  • Platinum (level 61): 549,000 points
  • Diamond (level 81): 972,000 points

To see the complete breakdown of how many points are needed for each level, check out this ICE Poker Player Level spreadsheet.

Note: The number of points needed to level up is subject to change. We’ll also be adding more ways to earn points in the future.

What Your Level Unlocks

Each time you level up, you’ll earn a chest which contains randomized prizes such as badges, wearables, and emotes.

We’ll soon be adding more functionality and features that you can unlock, such as:

  • Custom emojis: Earn custom emojis to express yourself and flex your rank at the tables.
  • Exclusive prizes in the Prize Marketplace: Unlock exclusive areas in our marketplace that are limited to specific ranks.

Stay tuned and check back for more information about unlockable features in the future.

Learn More

Want to learn more about ICE Poker? Check out our Ultimate ICE Poker Beginner’s Guide.

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