ICE Poker Wearable Types Explained

Various ICE Poker wearables

ICE Poker wearables are virtual clothes and skins you equip to play ICE Poker with.

Wearables come in various themes such as spartan, viking, pilot, chef, and more! Mix and match different pieces or collect a full set of your favorite outfit.

Wearables are NFTs—these items belong to you. Equip them to play ICE Poker, collect them, trade them, lend them out to create your own poker team, or take them with you to other games.

You can choose between different wearables that give you varying access to ICE Poker’s game modes and platforms.

Keep reading to learn about ICE Poker wearables and the different types available.

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ICE Poker Wearable Types

You can currently choose between 2 types of wearables:

  • Arcade wearables: Access to the ICE Poker Arcade app and Arcade Mode in the Metaverse. A low-cost entry point to start playing.
  • All Access wearables: Access to all game modes and platforms for the full ICE Poker experience.


Shine = tickets to enter a tournament in Arcade Mode.

To enter a tournament, you spend Shine. The amount of Shine you need varies for different game modes and special events. If you place 1st in any tournament, you win your Shine back.

Shine can be added to both Arcade and All Access wearables.

  • New Arcade wearables start with 9 Shine.
  • All Access wearables start with 0 Shine.

Note: Wearables lose their Shine if they’re transferred or sold.

Arcade wearables with Shine circled
ICE Poker wearable’s Shine amount

Arcade Wearables

Arcade wearables give you access to play Arcade Mode on the Arcade app or in the Metaverse.

You can shop from 20+ themed Arcade wearables starting at $5.

ICE Poker Arcade wearables in the Decentral Games Marketplace
ICE Poker Arcade wearables in the Decentral Games Marketplace

All Access Wearables

All Access wearables give you the full ICE Poker experience:

  • Play Challenge Mode in the Metaverse.
  • Play Arcade Mode on the Arcade app or in the Metaverse.
  • Upgrade your All Access wearable for increased rewards and exclusive perks.
  • Start your own poker team and lend out your wearable for a share of the rewards.
ICE Poker All Access wearables
ICE Poker All Access wearables

All Access wearables can only be bought on the secondary market, won by redeeming badges in Arcade Mode, or won by redeeming Banked $ICE from Challenge Mode.

Diamond Hands All Access Wearables

Upgrading an All Access wearable to rank 5 (Diamond Hands) allows you to play at Diamonds Hands City—our exclusive Metaverse venue only accessible to our prestigious rank 5 wearable owners.

Diamond Hands City in Decentraland
Diamond Hands City

If you upgrade or collect a full set of rank 5 All Access wearables, you can claim a High Roller ICE Accessory that gives you exclusive perks.

Getting an ICE Poker Wearable

Ready to get your own wearable? Check out our How to Get an ICE Poker Wearable guide.

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