Decentral Games Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Decentral Games 2nd anniversary

2 years ago, the $DG token was launched and the Decentral Games DAO was born—it’s been an amazing journey so far.

This Thursday, December 1 marks a major milestone for us and we have a lot to be proud of as a community. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a 2nd anniversary party and tournament! Come join us for live music, great vibes, and special giveaways. (Details at the bottom.)

The past year was a rollercoaster of highs and lows. While recent events have damaged our industry, our vision of an open Metaverse has not changed.

We couldn’t be more excited about DG’s future. Let’s recap the highlights from the past year and focus for the upcoming year so you can share our excitement.

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The DG community has grown immensely and now includes 120,000+ social media followers, a vibrant Discord server with 40,000+ members, and 125,000+ token holders.

It’s amazing to see people from around the world coming together to build a community-owned gaming ecosystem.


Collectively we’ve made huge accomplishments in managing our treasury and making key decisions, such as:

  • Implementing a new reward system.
  • Balancing various ICE Poker gameplay settings.
  • Funding marketing campaigns, tournament competitions, and other initiatives.
  • Setting up an ETH node and Polygon node as revenue streams to support the treasury.

We wouldn’t be here without our community members voting, submitting proposals, and providing feedback to help shape the future of DG.


This past year, we’ve hosted over 600 (!) Metaverse events that have attracted hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors worldwide. 

These events brought various artists into the Metaverse, such as Steve Aoki, and provided new opportunities for emerging artists to connect with a global audience.

Decentral Games Metaverse event: PopRoXxX b2b Bufalo
PopRoXxX b2b Bufalo Metaverse event

Community Led Initiatives

We love seeing community members get involved and take initiative.

Various community members have started their own projects to support the ecosystem such as Royal BabesDG Tools, and Diamond Hands Thursday.

Decentral Games' Diamond Hands Thursday poker night
Diamond Hands Thursday poker night

What started as a small poker night between Crown holders has grown to a staple event that the community looks forward to every week. A huge shout out to morph, jar0d, and other Crown owners for their efforts.

Community Ambassadors

Recently we brought on @iceyyy_gaming as our first brand ambassador.

He’ll be streaming every week, giving poker tips, providing good vibes, and talking about all things ICE Poker.

Decentral Games' ambassador Iceyyy in Decentraland
Iceyyy in Decentraland

We appreciate all our content creators for making guides, recording videos, streaming, translating, and helping grow the community. We look forward to bringing on more ambassadors in the future.

ICE Poker

In October, we celebrated ICE Poker’s 1st anniversary!

This past year was focused on laying down the foundation for a sustainable gaming ecosystem. With the pieces in place, we’ll be doubling down on growing our player base.

ICE Poker has come a long way since launch. We’ve been heads down building and shipping several key milestones, such as:

For a full recap, check out our 1st Anniversary article.


Throughout this year, we’ve partnered with various brands and communities to welcome them into the Metaverse and help grow their presence.

In June, we launched Metaverse advertising in our venues with major brands such as Mastercard and Tyson Foods. We also partnered with GITEX GLOBAL, one of the world’s largest tech events, to host a Decentraland-wide scavenger hunt.

Through ICE Poker Arcade, we partnered with several communities to create custom themed wearables for their members:

  • The Milk Road
  • WonderZone
  • Mutant Cartel
  • Quirkies
  • SX Bet
  • PoolTogether
  • Akumu Dragonz
  • Royal Society of Players
  • Lonely Alien Space Club
  • Blvck Paris
  • Chibi Dinos
  • Metakey

We also organized events with each partner to help onboard new players into Decentraland. Each one was a blast! We loved seeing everyone’s excitement as they tried on their wearables and took their first steps in the Metaverse.

We’re thrilled to continue working with communities interested in growing their presence in the Metaverse, organizing events, launching digital collectibles, and more.

Let’s build 🫡

Looking Forward to 2023

We thank you for your continued support. It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come, and how early we still are. We can’t contain our excitement for the future ahead as we build on our progress.

We’ll continue to ship exciting new ICE Poker features, improve the new player onboarding experience, and add more social elements such as a player leveling system, a complete free to play mode, and more. If that excites you, check out our roadmap for what’s to come.

Another key focus is ramping up our user acquisition. We’ve already started to run test campaigns and we’ll be sharing reports with the community so everyone can be part of the process. To learn more, here’s our full marketing strategy overview.

Lastly, we’ll be testing out new ways to reward our community such as referral programs, bounties, and quests (first quest down below). Community is our greatest asset. The loyalty and advocacy of the community must be encouraged and rewarded.

Bull or bear market, we’ll be here building, shipping, and playing.

Here’s to the next year of DG 🥂

2nd Anniversary Event Details

On Thursday, December 1 we’re hosting a Metaverse event with DCL Babydolls and giving away phygital DG wearables + other prizes! Come celebrate with community members worldwide and join the festivities.


Jes Danz will be taking the stage and performing a live set! Come vibe with the community and claim a limited edition 2nd anniversary POAP.

⏰ 7pm to 8:30pm EST
📍 Tominoya (-119, 136)

Decentral Games 2nd Anniversary: Jes Danz event flyer
Jes Danz event flyer

For more info, check out the event details.

Phygital DG Wearable

We’re giving away 10 phygital DG hoodie wearables with multiple ways to win.

Phygital = physical + digital (if anyone thinks of a better word, please let us know 😂)

Decentral Games phygital hoodie
Decentral Games phygital hoodie

By winning, you’ll own a limited 1 of 10 wearable and physical hoodie. Yup, we’re going to airdrop a physical hoodie to you so you can flex in the Metaverse and in real life. (As an example, here’s Matt rockin’ the hoodie in this video.)


Throughout the day, we’ll be hosting several giveaways:

  • Quest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Free Play Competition
  • Babydolls Afterparty
  • Roundtable


We’ve partnered with Sesame Labs to launch our first DG quest. Everyone who completes the milestones will be entered in a giveaway for 4 phygital DG wearables.

To enter, take a photo while playing ICE Poker Arcade and follow the other instructions on the quest page.

Scavenger Hunt

Search around Tominoya for classic paintings featuring ICE Poker characters and take a selfie with them to enter the giveaway:

  • 3 winners will receive a phygital DG wearable
  • 5 winners will receive $50 in $DG
Decentral Games scavenger hunt event flyer
Decentral Games Scavenger Hunt event flyer

Here’s how to enter the scavenger hunt giveaway:

  • Take a selfie with 3 of 5 paintings
  • Include all 3 photos in a single tweet
  • Tag @DecentralGames
  • Use hashtags #icepoker and #dganniversary

Deadline to submit entries is 12pm EST on Friday, December 2.

Free Play Competition

While Jes Danz is performing, we’ll be hosting a free play competition with 1 phygital DG wearable and $1,000 of $DG in prizes.

⏰ 7pm to 8:30pm EST
📍 Tominoya (-119, 136)

Decentral Games Free Play Competition event flyer
Decentral Games Free Play Competition event flyer

Come play free roulette or blackjack for a chance to win! The top 10 high scorers receive:

  • 1st: Phygital DG wearable + $250 in $DG
  • 2nd: $175 in $DG
  • 3rd: $150 in $DG
  • 4th: $100 in $DG
  • 5th: $75 in $DG
  • 6th to 10th: $50 in $DG

After the competition, $DG prizes will be sent to winners within 24 to 48 hours.

Babydolls Afterparty

After the 2nd Anniversary party, Babydolls will be throwing an afterparty with DJ Granolaboy and giving away 1 phygital DG wearable.

⏰ 9pm EST
📍 Dollhouse (-100,-100)

Decentral Games x Babydolls Afterparty event flyer
Decentral Games x Babydolls Afterparty event flyer


We’ll be hosting our monthly DG Roundtable where we’ll be providing updates, answering community questions, and giving away 1 phygital DG wearable to someone in the audience.

⏰ 3pm EST
📍 Twitter Space


Last but not least, we’ll be holding a 2nd Anniversary Tournament!

  • Start time: 7pm EST on Thursday, December 1
  • End time: 6pm EST on Friday, December 2
Decentral Games 2nd Anniversary Tournament event flyer
Decentral Games 2nd Anniversary Tournament event flyer

Tournament Details:

  • 60 Shine entry
  • 1st place: 40 badges + re-shine
  • 2nd place: 20 badges
  • 1,200 chips
  • 4 min blinds

To join the tournament, hop into ICE Poker Arcade app

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