Decentral Games Partners with Arc8 for an ICE Poker Skin and Competition

Arc8 and Decentral Games logos

Decentral Games has partnered with Arc8 to launch a gaming competition—up for grabs is $10,000 in $ICE and a limited edition G-Bot ICE Poker Arcade skin.

Arc8 is the top decentralized app (dapp) on Polygon with over 12 games and 200,000 monthly active users. Their mobile gaming platform features hyper casual games where you can play games, compete in 1v1 matches, and earn rewards. Shoot hoops, play card games, and more!

This article gives an overview of the Arc8 gaming competition and G-Bot skin.

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Decentral Games x Arc8 Competition

From December 15 to 19, you can compete in Arc8’s various games to win your share of the $10,000 in $ICE prize pool.

Test your skills across Arc8’s 12 games such as Hoop Shot, Manchester City Striker, ATARI Asteroids, and more. Compete against other players and rise up the leaderboards to win. The $ICE prize pool will be distributed among the leaderboard rankings.

As an epic bonus, if you enter at least five Arc8 competitions during the event then you’ll automatically receive a limited edition G-Bot ICE Poker Arcade skin. Before the event ends, simply connect your wallet to the Arc8 platform to get one.

Ready to play? Download the Arc8 app (iOS or Android) to join the competition on Thursday, December 15.

Note: To sponsor this competition, the DG DAO purchased $10,000 of $ICE using marketing funds from the recently passed governance proposal. This does not contribute to token inflation.

G-Bot ICE Poker Skin

Equipping this G-Bot ICE Poker Arcade skin allows you to play ICE Poker Arcade and enter tournaments to compete for prizes. Each skin comes pre-loaded with 9 Shine so you can instantly enter tournaments for free.

G-Bot ICE Poker Skin
G-Bot ICE Poker Skin

All skins will be airdropped on Monday, December 19 following the Arc8 competition.

Hit the Tables

Got your G-Bot skin and ready to hit the tables? Play now.

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