Decentral Games Partners with Dice Masters for Cross-Game Utility

Decentral Games Partners with Dice Masters for Cross-Game Utility

What’s the best way to unwind after hitting the poker tables?

Questing and slaying monsters!

Decentral Games is excited to partner with Dice Masters, an MMORPG in Decentraland. In addition to giving access to ICE Poker, ICE wearables will now give you special abilities in Dice Masters.

This partnership adds new utility for ICE wearables, while supporting the growth of an emerging game and Decentraland’s economy.

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What Is Dice Masters?

Dice Masters is an MMORPG where you can craft gear, go on quests, and battle monsters.

As you explore the enchanting world of Dice Masters, you can chop trees, mine rocks, and battle monsters to gather resources used for crafting armor and weapons. Equipping gear boosts your stats such as Attack, Defense, and Luck.

Talking to townspeople throughout the realm sends you on quests where you can earn resources and other rewards. Complete quests, level up, and upgrade your gear to take on epic bosses for exclusive items.

You can also choose a profession, such as a Lumberjack or Miner, to gain resource bonuses, access to VIP clubhouses, exclusive events, and more.

Dice Masters is consistently adding new features. Their future plans include adding a PvP arena, NFT wagering, and integrating a token.

ICE Wearable Utility

ICE wearables will be equipable gear that boosts your stats.

Currently, Dice Master supports these ICE wearables:

Equipping a Crown or Scepter boosts Luck, increasing your resource gathering and hit chance against high-level enemies.

All pieces in the DG Viking collection boosts Attack, increasing your damage dealt to monsters.

(Note: At this stage, there are no stat bonus differences between wearable ranks. A rank 1 wearable will give the same stat bonus as a rank 5 wearable.)

Dice Masters Event

To celebrate our partnership, we’ll be co-hosting a free game night at our Tominoya venue:

  • Date: Thursday, August 11
  • Time: 10pm UTC / 6pm EST

Stop by to chat with the founders, enjoy live music, and enter a free play competition to win Dice Masters wearable prizes. For more information, see the event details.

What’s Next

Interoperability is a defining property of the Metaverse — the ability to use digital assets across multiple platforms, foster collaboration, and unify digital economies.

As we continue to scale ICE Poker and onboard players into the Metaverse, we look forward to supporting Dice Masters and collaborating with more games to grow Decentraland together.

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