Decentral Games Launches 2nd ICE Poker Venue: The Stronghold

In order to meet player demand and continue to grow the ICE Poker ecosystem, DecentralGames has launched Ice Poker – The Stronghold, which boast 10 ICE Poker tables on a 16-parcel Decentraland estate belonging to the DG DAO. This new venue expands upon the 8 Tables in ICE Poker – DEXT Lounge and allows ICE Poker’s ~1,700 daily active users (DAU) to spread out a bit. It will also make space for less-crowded gameplay as we grow the wearable supply and DAU this month.

With that in mind, we are still targeting this week to release our 5th ICE Poker Wearable collection. Like the previous 4 collections, it will be priced at 0.25 wETH, will be minted on Polygon, and 1 Old DG staked in Governance v1 will qualify one to mint, but 1,000 xDG across ETH Mainnet and Polygon will also qualify. Moreover, unlike previous drops, each item will be 250-count instead of 100-count, and we’ll be releasing 1,250 total items. A post with images of the 5 items and the exact drop date is coming very soon. 

In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy ICE Poker – The Stronghold, due east of ICE Poker – DEXT Lounge and south-east of our Binance build (see below).

Link: Jump in here!

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