Decentral Games Partners with Taunt Battleworld

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Ready… FIGHT!

Decentral Games has partnered with Taunt Battleworld for a custom ICE Poker Arcade skin and Taunt Battleworld fighter. That’s right, now you step into the arena and fight as an ICE Poker character.

Taunt Battleworld is a fighting simulation game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Choose from 25,000+ fighters ranging from various races and classes such as sports legends, your favorite web3 character, or a deadly Acolyte warrior. Enter your fighters into tournaments to win prizes and claim the title of Battleworld’s top fighter.

To kick things off, Taunt Battleworld is hosting Enter the Battleverse: a live event featuring 16 web3 projects competing head-to-head in a single elimination tournament.

Keep reading to learn about the partnership and event.

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Taunt Battleworld ICE Poker Skin

Taunt Battleworld’s Undeath fighters are hitting the poker tables.

Decentral Games Taunt Battleworld ICE Poker skin
Taunt Battleworld ICE Poker skin

On January 18, all Taunt Battleworld Genesis Skull Pass and Black Magic holders will receive this custom Undeath Arcade skin on the Polygon network.

Equipping this Undeath Arcade skin allows you to play ICE Poker Arcade and enter tournaments to compete for valuable prizes. Each skin comes pre-loaded with 9 Shine so you can start entering tournaments for free.

Along with competing in tournaments, you can also equip this skin in Decentraland to become an Undeath fighter.

The skin comes in both male and female versions.

ICE Poker Taunt Battleworld Fighters

Outside of poker, a couple of ICE Poker characters have been training their fighting skills.

Starting January 14, you can mint an ICE Poker High Roller or Cyberpunk fighter from Taunt Battleworld’s Black Magic collection on Magic Eden.

High Roller and Cyberpunk fighters
High Roller and Cyberpunk Taunt Battleworld Fighters

The ICE Poker fighters will have the following characteristics:

  • High Roller
    • Archetype: Agile
    • Attribute: Water
  • Cyberpunk
    • Archetype: Kicker
    • Attribute: Lightning

These fighters will also come with a decentralized artificial intelligence brain from Altered State Machine. The ASM Brains are AI NFTs tnat will power future utility such as training, personality, and breeding.

Along with minting an ICE Poker fighter, you can come watch the High Roller as he competes in Enter the Battleverse and fights against other web3 characters (event details below).

Enter the Battleverse Event Details

Enter the Battleverse is a live 16-person tournament featuring various web3 projects and their custom fighters.

  • Date: Thursday, January 12
  • Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm EST (11:30pm to 2:30am UTC)
Enter the Battleverse Event
Enter the Battleverse

Tune in to hear from each web3 project and watch their fighters duel to the death. Taunt Battleworld will be streaming the event on Twitch and we’ll be hosting a viewing party in Decentraland.

Enter the Battleverse Viewing Party

Hop into Tominoya to hang out with the community and cheer on your favorite fighter (the ICE Poker High Roller of course 😉).

Enter the Battleverse viewing party event flyer
Enter the Battleverse viewing party

During the viewing party, we’ll also be hosting a giveaway! 1 winner will receive $50 in $DG and 4 winners will receive an Arcade wearable with 9 Shine.

To enter the giveaway:

  • Tweet a photo of you at the viewing party
  • Tag @DecentralGames and @playtaunt
  • In the tweet, include which fighter you think will win the tournament

For more information, check out the event details.

Future Plans

In the coming months, we’ll be partnering with Taunt Battleworld on more events and we have something special in store for our Crown holders.

Stay tuned for more info.

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