Decentral Games ICE Accessories

Decentral Games ICE Accessories

We’re excited to officially launch Decentral Games ICE Accessories! 

ICE Accessories are strictly cosmetic items that enhance your appearance while playing ICE Poker and are purchasable from the DG marketplace with ICE. There are two categories of ICE Accessories – Standard and Gold, and we are launching 12 of each today:

  • 12 Standard Accessories: 1,000 item count, priced at 1k ICE
  • 12 Gold Accessories: 100 item count, priced at 10k ICE 

How to Mint

You can navigate to the new ICE Accessories marketplace by selecting “Shop” on the top menu of the Decentral Games website, then clicking on the Accessories tab:

To mint an item, make sure you hold enough ICE in your Polygon wallet and have your RPC set to Ethereum mainchain, select “mint accessory”, and confirm on the modal:

Following confirmation, you will need to sign two meta-transactions – one to authorize ICE as payment, and the other to mint.

Skins Are a $40B Annual Market

Cosmetic “skins” that enhance a player’s appearance within video games are a $40B annual grossing business. The more popular a game becomes, the more appealing it is to be able to virtually flex and differentiate your player’s appearance from everyone else. 

The Decentral Games ICE Accessories marketplace will both serve to remove ICE from circulation from participants in the ICE Poker ecosystem (guilds and players), and even welcome ICE purchases and burning from folks outside the ICE Poker ecosystem.

The Start of Many ICE In-Game Purchases

The ICE Accessories marketplace paves the way for many other cosmetic in-game purchases with ICE that we plan to launch, including custom NFT emotes, custom card backs, custom guild names, and much more.

The ICE revenue from in-app purchases may be a small percentage of the overall ICE earned currently in ICE Poker – however, as we roll out additional free play, non-ICE metaverse and mobile poker games, these in-app purchases have the potential to come from a much larger audience and contribute a large portion of the overall ICE burn.

Secondary Sale Fees Go to Treasury

For all secondary sales, we’ve created a separate OpenSea page for ICE Accessories (to differentiate from ICE Wearables). 

All secondary sale volume yields a 4.9% fee that goes to the DG Treasury. 


With this initial batch of 12 Standard and 12 Gold ICE Accessories, a total of 24M ICE will be removed from circulation. 

The launch of the ICE Accessories marketplace is a big first step in delivering additional ICE utility to positively contribute to the ICE Burn-to-Earn ratio while giving our players more options to fit their avatar in at the ICE Poker tables.

See you at the tables!

Note: Decentral Games ICE Accessories do not give you access to ICE Poker. For that, you must have a Decentral Games ICE Poker Wearable, which you can purchase during a mint from the ICE Wearables Tab, or from our secondary marketplace OpenSea.

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