ICE Poker Celebrates 1st Anniversary

ICE Poker 1st Anniversary

It’s ICE Poker’s 1st anniversary this week 🥳

It’s been an incredible year. It’s surreal to see how much ICE Poker and our community has grown since our first wearable drop. To celebrate, we’re hosting a special 1st Anniversary Tournament! (more info below.)

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ICE Poker Highlights

  • Launched ICE Poker Arcade, our web app platform.
  • Launched Arcade Mode, our Sit and Go tournament game mode.
  • Implemented The ICE Merge, a new reward system for scalable, sustainable growth.
  • Launched Metaverse advertising in our venues with major brands such as Mastercard and Tyson Foods.
  • Implemented credit card checkout on the DG Marketplace.
  • Designed and released 17 ICE wearable collections.
  • Released ICE emotes.
  • Released ICE accessories.
  • Launched Assigned Seating.
  • Launched ICE Poker Guild Tools, such as the Delegation Dashboard and Guild Managers.
  • Grew daily active users to represent over 60% of all traffic to Decentraland.
  • Expanded our core team to a little under 50 people, enabling us to ship even faster.
  • Partnered with Dice Masters for cross-game utility.
  • Partnered and onboarded communities into Decentraland such as The Milk Road, SX Bet, KILLABEARS, and many more.

And this is only the beginning.

Over this past year, we’ve been laying down the foundation for a sustainable gaming ecosystem with ICE Poker Arcade, Arcade Mode, and The ICE Merge.

With these pieces now in place, our focus for this next phase of growth will be on improving the new player experience, growing our player base, adding more social experiences, and continuing to partner with communities to welcome more users into Decentraland.

Gaming ecosystems will play a crucial role in onboarding people into the Metaverse, and our conviction has never been higher—we’re all in.

“It’s been an amazing journey from launching ICE Poker last October 2021 to where we are today.

We experienced an exhilarating first two quarters of growth, followed by a tumultuous two quarters of development geared at rebalancing and constructing more defensible economics to better incentivize reinvestment and reduce value extraction.

I couldn’t be more proud of the Decentral Games team for relentlessly grinding through this last year, despite massive FUD circulating the blockchain gaming space, to get to where we are today: live with ICE Poker Arcade, Arcade Mode, and the ICE Merge — on time!

Our ICE Poker ecosystem has evolved drastically, and is much more robust to prepare us for this next phase of sustainable growth through Q4 2022 and beyond. We’re just getting started.”

— Miles Anthony, CEO

1st Anniversary Event Details

Tournament Event

We’ll be hosting a 1st Anniversary Tournament on Friday, October 28 at 5pm EST / 9pm UTC.

ICE Poker 1st Anniversary Tournament
ICE Poker 1st Anniversary Tournament

The tournament will run for 4 hours with increased Shine, badges, and chips:

  • 90 Shine entry
  • 1st place: 60 badges + re-shine
  • 2nd place: 30 badges
  • 2,000 chips
  • 4 min blinds

As a bonus for our Crown and Scepter owners, we’ll be reimbursing 90 Shine back to your wearable if you play a tournament during the event!

Metaverse Event

We’ll also be hosting a Metaverse pre-game party in The Stronghold at 3pm EST / 7pm UTC.

Come celebrate with community members from around the world, claim a special ICE Poker 1st Anniversary POAP, and jam out to a live set from PopRoXxX.

Thank You

We’re beyond grateful for our community. Thank you for your continued support throughout the past year.

We truly appreciate you giving your feedback, participating in governance discussions, and taking the time to help beta test. ICE Poker and Decentral Games wouldn’t be possible without you.

We’re looking forward to continuing to build ICE Poker, grow our community, and onboard the world into the Metaverse.

Here’s to the next year and beyond 🥂

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