The ICE Poker Delegation Dashboard is Live!

The ICE Poker Delegation Dashboard is Live!

We areexcited to announce that the Delegation Dashboard is live!

When we launched ICE Poker, building trustless delegation directly into the platform was a game-changer in play-to-earn, and this dashboard takes the experience to the next level. With the Delegation Dashboard, ICE Poker NFT holders now have native guild tooling immediately at their fingertips to effectively manage and scale their own guild. 

Native Guild Tools Keep Value in the Ecosystem

Over the last year, several external services have emerged with the central premise of supplying this technology for other games and charging a ~10% fee. With native guild tools in Decentral Games ICE Poker, this money remains in the ecosystem. Players and Delegators earn more, and anyone with an ICE Poker NFT can start and scale their own metaverse-native, profitable enterprise. 

More Transparency, Better Gameplay

Additionally, we expect the Delegation Dashboard will improve ICE Poker gameplay due to increased transparency around player performance. As you can see below, the Delegation Dashboard enables ICE Poker NFT delegators to easily track the performance of the players playing with their ICE Poker NFTs with a breakdown of their average daily ICE, Total Ice Earned, Check-ins, Finished Challenges, and Average Leaderboard Tier.

A Deeper Dive into Each Player

Beyond offering owners the data at an aggregated level, by clicking on the ‘See History’ button on any row, you can hone in on any player’s specific historical performance:

Track Your Guild’s Holistic Performance

Finally, the improved Claim ICE Rewards tab now provides a weekly breakdown of your ICE Rewards to track the daily performance of your guild over the last week. After all, you are running a business, and you need to be able to track the holistic revenue of your business over time. The new ICE Rewards page of the Delegation Dashboard solves this.

We’re proud of what we’ve delivered today, but this is also V1 of the dashboard. We envision our guild management tools to be an ongoing project that continuously adds value to the DG community through increased transparency, effective guild management, and most importantly, higher quality gameplay.

We welcome community members to give feedback and suggestions for new features in the DG Discord.  

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