Ice Poker NFT Drops #9 and #10

Ice Poker NFT Drops #9 and #10

Today, we’re announcing two drops – both of 1,250 wearables: 

  • ICE Poker NFT Drop #9 – ICE Airlines will be held in ETH on Thursday, February 10th at 6pm UTC
  • ICE Poker NFT Drop #10 – ICE Poet will be held in ICE on Thursday, February 17th at 6pm UTC

Background and Pricing

The ICE Airlines drop will be priced at 1.5 wETH and the ICE Poet drop will be priced at 25,000 $ICE (~1.05 ETH at time of writing).

We’ve once again whitelisted those addresses with >= 1,000 xDG (snapshot as of 2/7/22) for the mint in ETH (ICE Airlines), but there will be no whitelist for the mint in ICE (ICE Poet). 

Pricing the items closer to the secondary floor (~2.3 ETH at time of writing) will more closely match supply with demand. The last mint sold out in < 1 minute and left many without an item who were willing to invest in becoming a player owner, starting a guild, or growing their existing guild. It’s also worth noting the floor on secondary is up nearly 2x since our last ETH mint at 0.75 wETH. 

Moreover, at the higher price point, the ICE Poet mint will burn an amount of ICE more commensurate to the current size of our ecosystem; however, we do intend to offer player-delegates the opportunity to move up to player-owner at a cheaper and $ICE price point on the next $ICE mint. We’ll accomplish this by reserving a percentage of the supply specifically for players with consistent check-in history and ICE balance. Lastly, pending market conditions, we reserve the right to lower the ICE price before the mint, but we commit to it being no higher than 25,000 ICE.

How to Mint

To participate, at the time of mint, you must have at least 1,000 xDG across ETH mainnet and Polygon (or 1 Old DG staked) and 1.5 wETH (for the 9th mint) or 25,000 ICE (for the 10th mint) on Polygon for each mint. There will be a 10 minute cool down period after each mint, and the whitelist period for the ICE Airlines mint is 5 minutes. 

Please make sure to not refresh your browser too much leading up to the drop because you run the risk of being rate-limited by our servers. For guidance on staking DG in governance or moving assets to Polygon, check out the community-made tutorials at the end of this blog.

Minting will occur on the DG marketplace on our website, where you can also see whether you’re on the whitelist (for Drop $9) and the “Check Eligibility” button so you can confirm you’re all set! 

ICE Airlines

The 5 ICE Airlines NFTs have a 250 unit supply each:

Pilot Gogs

Pilot Hat

Pilot Tee

Pilot Pants

Pilot Boots

ICE Poet

The 5 ICE Poet NFTs have a 250 unit supply each:


Sonnet Shades

Turtle Neck

Fun Pants


Happy minting! For more info and support, join our Discord.  

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