ICE Poker NFT Drop #12: ICE Cyberpunk

ICE Poker NFT Drop #12: ICE Cyberpunk

We will conduct the 12th ICE Poker NFT Mint on Thursday, March 24th, at 6pm UTC, featuring The ICE Cyberpunk. Each ICE Cyberpunk NFT features a 250 unit supply, for a grand total of 1,250 items priced in $ICE. 


To participate, you must have at least 1,000 xDG across ETH mainnet and Polygon (or 1 Old DG staked). Whitelisted addresses must have 10K $ICE on Polygon to mint; others must have 30K $ICE. 

You will soon be able to check eligibility onsite on the Marketplace page (link below). 


We have whitelisted 178 delegated players to mint at a significantly reduced price and assist them in their journey from delegated player to player owner. Criteria: 

  • Does not currently own an ICE Wearable;
  • Checked in at least 20 of the last 30 days (2/14 – 3/15); 
  • They’ve been saving $ICE: Currently holding 10K $ICE

The list of 178 whitelisted addresses is provided at the end of this post. 

After a 10 minute whitelist period for these players to mint Max 1 wearable, we will open up the mint to all.

Please make sure to not refresh your browser too much leading up to the drop because you run the risk of being rate-limited by our servers. For guidance on staking DG in governance or moving assets to Polygon, check out the community-made tutorials at the end of this blog.

Minting will occur on the DG marketplace on our website.

The 5 ICE Cyberpunk NFTs have a 250 unit supply each:

Synth Jacket


Hyron Shoes

Gwei Mask

Bionic Legs

Happy minting! For more info and support, join our Discord.  

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