Premium ICE Poker Guild Features & xDG Airdrop

Premium ICE Poker Guild Features & xDG Airdrop

We currently have 3,402 native ICE Poker guilds that play an important role in acquiring, vetting, and managing our rapidly growing player-base, and 9,740 daily active ICE Poker players that provide player liquidity across our several ICE Poker venues in the metaverse. 

As active members in the community, ICE Poker guild owners and players are crucial in the long-term success of Decentral Games and ICE Poker, and the ecosystem will be stronger if they participate in governance.

xDG Airdrop

Following a recently passed governance proposal, we’ve allocated 5.9M xDG, worth over $2M at time of writing, to players and ICE wearable owners to jumpstart increased participation in Decentral Games governance! 

The xDG is available to claim on the DG website now for over 12,000 wallets –  many of which are folks who have contributed their time and energy into the project but aren’t yet participating in Decentral Games governance. We hope that this distribution of xDG will encourage these folks to continue to build their voting power and ultimately govern the ecosystem in which they operate profitable ventures.

For players, the 50 xDG is half of the eventual requirement of 100 xDG per address to qualify for leaderboard prizes, and for ICE wearables owners, the 500 xDG is half the requirement of 1k xDG per wearable for Premium ICE Poker Guild Features.

To claim your xDG airdrop, navigate to the new ICE Dashboard. Your claimable xDG balance should appear on the right: 

DG Governance and ICE Poker Long-Term Alignment

This sizeable xDG airdrop is coupled with the rollout of our premium ICE Poker Guild features, now accessible if you hold 1k xDG per activated wearable. The xDG staking requirement further aligns the growth of ICE Poker with DG, and ultimately welcomes increased governance participation from some of the most active participants in the community – ICE Poker players and guild owners.

Furthermore, each time a new mint is conducted and another 1,250 ICE wearables enter circulation, an additional 1,250,000 xDG will be acquired and hodled by guild owners to maintain access to Premium Guild tools that are essential to generate optimal yield from the wearables. The long-term alignment of ICE Poker wearables and Decentral Games governance becomes stronger with each drop.

Premium ICE Poker Guild Features 

The first 3 out of the 5 new Premium ICE Poker Guild features are now live: 

1. Delegation Dashboard (already live) 

The delegation dashboard displays all active ICE wearables delegated to players. This feature has been live for the past 2 months but now will require Premium to access.

2. Name your Guild/Players (now live) 

The Name your Guild and Players feature is now live for Premium Guild owners. To add a custom name, simply click on the edit icon on either your guild title on the top or player names on the left column of the delegation dashboard.

3. Player Lookup Tool (now live) 

The player lookup tool is now live and accessible from the left submenu on the ICE Poker tab. By entering an ETH address, you may look up a player’s past performance.

The following 4th and 5th items will be going live very soon: 

4. Assign a Guild Manager (in progress, and coming soon) 

The Assign a Guild Manager feature will be rolled out in 1-2 weeks to the Premium dashboard.

5. Guild Leagues (in progress, and coming soon) 

Guild Leagues and leaderboards will be ready within the next few weeks, but will not go into effect until assigned seating is live on all venues. 


Today marks an important milestone in the development of ICE Poker and Decentral Games – where we directly tie the growth of ICE Poker to the utility of the DG token and participation in Decentral Games governance. We are confident that by distributing over $2M USD of xDG tokens, we are welcoming increased participation in ecosystem governance from highly engaged community members. 

It makes sense for the players and guild owners to govern the economic levers that directly impact their earnings and solidify the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem. Decentral Games is the first play & earn DAO with real live governance and utility for its governance token – and we need to continue to lead by example with optimal governance participation from both players and guild owners.

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