ICE Poker Sit and Go Tournament Competition: Season 2 Info

ICE Poker SNG Competition Season 2 with ICE Pirate standing on a podium

Season 1 of our Sit and Go tournament competition with $28,750 in $xDG prizes has come to an end. Congrats to all the winners!

The winners from Season 1 and information about Season 2 are listed below.

Table of Contents

Season 1 Winners

Season 1 prizes have been distributed. To see if you won, check this spreadsheet for your wallet address.

Season 2 Information

Season 2 will run from Thursday, October 13 to Tuesday, November 15 with $18,750 in $xDG prizes.

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1. The top 20 players with the highest win percentages and over 100 tournaments played receive:

  • 1st: $1,000 in $xDG
  • 2nd: $950 in $xDG
  • 3rd: $900 in $xDG
  • 4th: $850 in $xDG
  • 5th: $800 in $xDG
  • 6th: $750 in $xDG
  • 7th: $700 in $xDG
  • 8th: $650 in $xDG
  • 9th: $600 in $xDG
  • 10th: $550 in $xDG
  • 11-20th: $500 in $xDG

2. The top 3 players who’ve earned the most badges receive:

  • 1st: $3,000 in $xDG
  • 2nd: $2,000 in $xDG
  • 3rd: $1,000 in $xDG

To see your leaderboard standings, check out the Competition channel in our Discord server.

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