Decentral Games Weekly Newsletter #114

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GM Decentral Games community πŸ‘‹

What an eventful week. We announced a new partnership and welcomed the Mad Meerkat and CoinGecko communities to the ICE Poker tables.

And we’ve got another event-packed week coming up with Metaverse Fashion Week. Read below to see the planned festivities and we hope to see you there.

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πŸ’ƒ Metaverse Fashion Week

Lights, camera, action!

This upcoming week is Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW).

From March 28-31, 60+ brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, and Adidas will be showcasing luxurious wearable collections, immersive experiences, after-parties, and much more.

As part of MVFW, we’re teaming up with DCL Baby Dolls to host a gala and poker night! Join us for an unforgettable night of music and entertainmentβ€”and a chance to win legendary MVFW Arcade wearables (pictured below).

Metaverse Fashion Week: The Future is Now Gala
Decentral Games x DCL Baby Dolls Metaverse Fashion Week: The Future is Now Gala
Decentral Games Chateau Satoshi venue
Decentral Games’ Chateau Satoshi venue

Come see the newly decorated Chateau Satoshi Ballroom, hang out with the community, and listen to music by DJ Henny at our modern deco and synthwave themed gala.

Check out the event pages and add it to your calendar:

See you there πŸ‘‹

🦎 CoinGecko Tournament

Last week, we airdropped the remaining Gecko Arcade skins and hosted a Metaverse tournament for the CoinGecko community.

Thank you for coming out! It was a blast playing at the tables with all you purple geckos. We can’t wait for the next one.

Decentral Games CoinGecko Metaverse tournament
Purple geckos at the ICE Poker tables
Decentral Games CoinGecko Metaverse tournament
Decentral Games x CoinGecko Metaverse tournament

🀝 Yesports Partnership

Introducing: Mr. Clippy πŸ“Ž

We partnered with Yesports for a custom ICE Poker Arcade wearable. To get a Mr. Clippy, sign up on the Yesports Marketplace and make 1 trade by April 21.

πŸ’» Development Focus

Our focus for this upcoming week:

ICE Poker Metaverse

  • Continue integrating player leveling into Challenge Mode and Arcade Mode.
  • Continue development for Stage 2 of Assigned Seating V3.
  • Polishing Arcade Mode and blackjack experience.

ICE Poker Arcade

  • Continue development for a Free Play Mode.
  • Beginning development on ICE Poker Chests.
  • Adding new prizes to the Arcade Prize Marketplace.


  • Setting up influencer campaigns.
  • Continuing partnerships with various communities.
  • Optimizing blog and adding educational poker content to increase organic traffic.

πŸ’Ž Ecosystem

  • Treasury: $17.5M
  • Weekly Revenue: $20.9K
  • 69.8K $DG purchased from Polygon validator node rewards
  • 1.5M $ICE purchased from secondary sale royalties, USDC from LP, and LAND sale

View treasury dashboard.

πŸ› Governance



  • None

To submit or vote on proposals, visit Snapshot.

πŸ† Tournaments

  • Mon: 60 Shine
  • Tues: 15 Shine Hyper Turbo
  • Wed: 30 Shine
  • Thurs: 15 Shine Hyper Turbo
  • Fri: 99 Shine Deepstack
  • Sat: 30 Shine
  • Sun: 30 Shine

All Arcade tournament events start at midnight UTC and last for 24 hours. 3 Shine tournaments are available 24/7.

To see details of each format, check out the tournament schedule.

πŸ“† Metaverse Events

For all upcoming events, check out our events calendar.

Mon, Mar 27

🎲 Free Game Night w/ $150 USD+ in prizes
9pm UTC/5pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: Max Pain Monday
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Stronghold

Tues, Mar 28

πŸ’ƒ DG x DCL Babydolls: MVFW Future is Now Gala
10pm UTC/6pm EST, Chateau Satoshi

πŸ’ƒ DG x DCL Babydolls: MVFW Future is Now Tournament Night
11pm UTC/7pm EST, Chateau Satoshi

Wed, Mar 29

πŸ† Colosseum Tournament Night w/ Stoney Eye
9pm UTC/5pm EST, Colosseum

Thurs, Mar 30

πŸ’Ž Diamond Hands City Poker Night w/ DJ RAEDO & MC Dimo
12am UTC (Fri)/8pm EST, Diamond Hands City

Fri, Mar 31

πŸ’ƒ MVFW Closing Day Poker Night w/ Pop RoXxX
11pm UTC/7pm EST, Chateau Satoshi

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: High Stakes Friday
12am UTC (Sat)/8pm EST, Stronghold

Sat, Apr 1

♠️ Mfers Tournament Night
4pm UTC/12pm EST, Colosseum

🀣 Decentral Comedy’s Mic Drop ’23 Screening 
11pm UTC/6pm EST, Stronghold

Sun, Apr 2

🀣 Decentral Comedy’s Mic Drop ’23 Screening 
11pm UTC/6pm EST, Stronghold

πŸ‘₯ Community Spotlight

ICE Poker Clips of the Week

This week’s winners are Brycent and Morph.

Submit your clips in our Discord each week to win Shine and get your clip featured.

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