ICE Poker Patch Notes: February 23, 2023

ICE Poker level menu in the Player Hub

Today’s ICE Poker update was a massive one: we rebranded our web app, released a new Player Level system, and fixed various bugs.


  • Rebranded our web app to the ICE Poker Arcade.
  • Released a new Player Level system to further gamify ICE Poker.
  • Implemented new cheating measures to ensure safe and fair play.
  • Revised UX/UI across our website and app.
  • Released the ICE Pirate All Access collection in the Prize Marketplace.
ICE Poker Arcade sign-in screen
ICE Poker Arcade

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the “Add Shine” button was opening the wrong screen.
  • Fixed an overlap between the number of badges a user has and the All Access wearable information tooltip.
  • Fixed a case where the Fold/Bet/Raise buttons weren’t working.
  • Fixed a case where the pre-selected Call action was unresponsive if there was an All-In action in progress.

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