ICE Poker Patch Notes: March 13, 2023

ICE Poker Metaverse SNG at the Colosseum

Today’s ICE Poker Metaverse update includes a new Top Up Chips feature and bug fixes.


  • Added a new Top Up Chips feature in Challenge Mode. You’ll now be able to add to your chip stack (max 2,000) anytime after you fold and before the winners are announced, without leaving your table.
  • Updated the in-game UI configuration to run much more smoothly in Metaverse.
  • Updated additional modals to reflect “Arcade” branding.
  • Updated Shine and wearable logic for Metaverse Arcade Mode.
  • Updated logic for opening and closing venues.
  • Updated implementation for advertisement tracking.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some UX/UI elements for blackjack.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to enter a waiting room without Shine because they had multiples of the same Arcade wearables but only one was equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren’t able to join a waiting room after the “Find me a Table” UI appeared in the middle of a game.

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