How to Enter Casino Competitions at Decentral Games

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Feeling lucky?

Come enter Decentral Games’ casino competitions and test your luck against other players to win big prize payouts! Play your favorite games, enjoy live entertainment, rise up the leaderboard, and place among the top players to win.

Keep reading to learn about casino competitions and how to enter.

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What are Casino Competitions?

Casino competitions are events where your goal is to get a higher score than other players.

Decentral Games offers both free play and crypto competitions. Casino competitions have a time limit, usually 1 hour long.

How Do Competitions Work?

Competitions are simple: play and win to increase your score!

Free play competitions have a 5,000 FREE chip buy-in limit. Crypto competitions don’t have a buy-in limit.

During the competition, you can play the following games to increase your score:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slots (coming soon!)

The higher your net winnings, the higher your score and leaderboard ranking. The leaderboard update in real-time so you can see where you can rank among other players throughout the competition.

Playing blackjack in a DG Casino Competition
DG Casino Competition

Depending on the competition structure, the top 5 or 10 players will win a portion of the prize pool along with other prizes such as rare skins, casino credits, and more.

When are Competitions?

The DG Casino hosts free play and crypto casino competitions multiple times throughout the week. Check out the events calendar to see all of our upcoming competitions.

DG Casino Competition
DG Casino Competition featuring Bufalo

How to Enter a Competition

There’s no competition registration needed, all DG Casino users can immediately enter.

Step 1: Hop into the DG Casino.

Step 2: Select FREE, $ICE, or the competition’s currency. For crypto competitions, you’ll need to sign a transaction in the pop-up window to authorize gameplay.

Selecting ICE to enter a DG Casino Competition
Selecting ICE
Logging into the DG Casino
Logging in

Step 3: Click the “Enter Tournament” button to enter.

Joining a DG Casino Competition
Joining a competition

Step 4: You’re all set. Walk up to a game and click to join to start playing. Good luck!

Register for the DG Casino

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