Decentral Games Weekly Newsletter #165

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GM, it’s another beautiful day in the Metaverse πŸ‘‹

Last week, we launched Blast Point rewards! Now you can earn Blast Points from playing any casino game. We also shipped various Pocket Casino updates and dropped a free bonus to new Blast users. Read below to catch up on all the news from the past week.

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πŸš€ Blast Points Now Live

If you’ve made a Blast network deposit (ETH or USDB), you’ll now earn Blast Points while playing.

You can earn points by playing blackjack, roulette, or cash poker in either the Metaverse casino or Pocket Casinoβ€”and you can earn up to 5x points by holding BAG on any network.

This is our first integration of Blast Points to test it out in production. We’ll be adding Blast Gold when we get the Big Bang winner allocation details next week. Stay tuned!

Play and earn Blast Points

πŸ†• Pocket Casino Updates

Along with Blast Points, we also shipped various Pocket Casino updates:

  • Ratholing Prevention: Implemented measures to prevent ratholing in cash poker games.
  • Cashback Notification: Added a pop-up notification in Pocket Casino.
  • Active Cash Game: Added an “Active Table” label on the cash poker game selection screen.

Coming up next: BAG gameplay and Migration Phase 2 🫑

πŸš€ Blast Sign-up Bonus

Calling all Blast degens πŸ“’

If you’ve already bridged to Blast and haven’t signed up yet, you have a free $20+ sign-up bonus waiting for you! No deposit needed.

2 weeks ago, we took a snapshot of users who bridged to Blast and dropped bonuses ranging from $20 to $420.

Claim your bonus today.

Free sign-up bonus for new Blast users

πŸ—žοΈ Other Highlights

  • Virtue Poker is now live on Blast. If you hold BAG on Blast, you can now join all of our weekly freeroll tournaments. For all upcoming tournaments, join the BAG Poker Club.
  • Earn triple points on Hyperlock. You can deposit your Thruster BAG LP positions onto Hyperlock to earn Blast + Thruster + Hyper points all at once. Check out Hyperlock now. (DYOR when staking and LPing.)
  • BAG is now listed on and BAG/USDT trading is live.

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To submit or vote on proposals, visit Snapshot.

πŸ“† Metaverse Events

For all upcoming events, check out our events calendar and follow @DGLiveEvents.

24 Hour Casino Competition: March 23

Mon, Mar 18

πŸ† $500 Casino Competition
9pm UTC/5pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ’΅ JuiceIt’s USDT Cash Game
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: Max Pain Monday
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Tominoya

Tues, Mar 19

πŸ’΅ TwoTone’s USDT Cash Game
7pm UTC/3pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

πŸ‘Ύ ANT-N Radio w/ Special Guest BiOM3TA
9pm UTC/5pm EST, Tominoya

Wed, Mar 20

πŸ’΅ BigDaddy’s USDT Cash Game
1pm UTC/9am EST, Tominoya 1st floor

πŸ’΅ Pokekashero’s USDT Cash Game
7pm UTC/3pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

πŸ’΅ TwoTone USDT Cash Game
1am UTC (Thurs)/9pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

🎀 House of $RAP Podcast w/ Special Guest LOGIKAL ETHIX
1am UTC (Thurs)/9pm EST, Tominoya

Thurs, Mar 21

πŸ† $500 Casino Competition
5pm UTC/1pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ’Ž Diamond Hands City Poker Night
12am UTC (Fri)/7pm EST, Diamond Hands City

Fri, Mar 22

πŸ’΅ Tony Smash’s USDT Cash Game
7pm UTC/3pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

πŸ’΅ JuiceIt’s USDT Cash Game
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: High Stakes Friday
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Tominoya

Sat, Mar 23

πŸ† $700 24-Hour Casino Competition + Limited Wearable Prizes
4pm UTC/12pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ’΅ SethSyl’s USDT Cash Game
2am UTC (Sun)/10pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

Sun, Mar 24

πŸ’΅ Manzier’s USDT Cash Game
6pm UTC/2pm EST, Tominoya 1st floor

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