Decentral Games Community Spotlight: Bufalo

Decentral Games Bufalo Community Spotlight

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Bufalo, a DJ and producer from Paris.

Since 2018, I’ve been developing a unique blend of music, known as Futuristic Western Music, which merges traditional genres with electronic sounds.

My work has found an audience online with regular performances in the virtual world, especially in Decentraland, where I also have a Saloon and perform with other artists and DJs.

Bufalo performing at his Metaverse Saloon in Decentraland
Bufalo performing at his Saloon

I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with notable artists and brands, and my music is broadcasted internationally through Clubbing TV. Most importantly, I’ve created a body of work that continues to evolve, including hundreds of mash-ups, remixes, and Music NFTs.

Since January 2022, I’ve had the chance to make ~160 performances touring across the Metaverse and Europe, in beautiful countries such as Croatia, Austria, England, and France.

How did you get into web3? What was your web3 “aha” moment?

Though I’ve been studying crypto since 2017, it was only in 2021 that I became truly involved.

I began by releasing a few NFTs and participating in Decentraland events. Shortly after, I decided to launch an official tour, The Metaverse Tour, sponsored by Radio FG. The tour was broadcast across France and listened to by more than 1 million people. Since then, I’ve continued touring in Decentraland, other platforms, and a few countries around Europe.

My web3 “aha” moment was definitely when I created my first wearable.

I was just starting to use Blender at the time, and I needed to adapt my 3D skull to fit Decentraland’s specifications. Initially, when I uploaded my skull in the builder, nothing went as planned—the mask was either invisible or white, or the horns were floating detached from the head.

I had no prior knowledge of weight painting or anything related, and I’ll always remember the emotional rollercoaster I experienced, fluctuating between the joy of exporting a wearable myself and the realization that it wasn’t going to work for the time being.

How long have you been involved in the Decentral Games community?

I’ve been involved as a performer for Decentral Games for a little bit more than a year now. And as a community member, around 1 year and a half.

How did you find out about Decentral Games and what kept you coming back?

My introduction to Decentral Games came through my friend Jar0d, with whom I began playing poker using some of his wearables.

I found myself equally captivated by both the project and the game of poker.

Shortly after that, my friend Slavik Farm Fruit was organizing an event at Tominoya and invited me to perform. This marked the beginning of a wonderful relationship I’ve developed with the Decentral Games community and team. I value the opportunity to both play and perform for them, and I deeply appreciate this unique relationship.

I always try to adapt my DJ set for the friends who play at the tables, inserting special mashups I produce for them such as The Gambler by Kenny Rogers that I’ve revisited lately.

Do you have a fun memory or story hanging out with the Decentral Games’ community?

A particularly memorable event was the back-to-back set I performed with my brother PopRoXxX a few months ago at the Stronghold.

We put a lot of effort into making that performance special and filled the entire casino with friends who seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. I’ll always remember powerful events like that one, as well as the CoinGecko Metaverse parties that I had the privilege to perform at, among many others too numerous to list.

I’ll also never forget the thrill of winning my first high roller 1,000 Shine SNG tournament, a significant achievement for me considering I only started playing poker a year ago.

What’s the biggest challenge in web3 right now?

Utility and simplicity.

I believe we need to make web3 as straightforward as a phone, an app, or a computer can be. This doesn’t make them any less complex, but it doesn’t put people in the position of needing to specialize in order to use them.

Web3 must adapt to current practices to facilitate the massive onboarding it completely deserves, given the immense benefits it can bring.

Who are some of the people in web3 who have inspired you?

I’m highly inspired by the resilient people who build relentlessly no matter the conditions of the market are.

As such, I could quote several builders in Decentraland, such as Decentral Games, Babydolls, TRU, Metazoo, Polygonal Mind. But also more generally in web3, such as Blvck Paris, 20Mint, and Metagellan who true innovators to me.

Bufalo wearing BLVCK PARIS
Bufalo rockin’ BLVCK PARIS

Are you working on any projects in web3? If so, tell us about what you’re working on.

Two months ago, I launched my music NFT project, The BOTV Skulls, and I’m currently working on developing it and continue shipping the roadmap.

The BOTV Skulls is one of the very firsts PFP and music NFT projects, made of 1,000 unique skulls created from 7 traits designed by the French visual artist Porcherot.

The collection is composed of 10 Futuristic Western songs mixed and mastered, fused with beats, mid-tempo, house music, and dubstep/hybrid trap with different rarities. The more complex the track is, the rarer it is.

Each skull is a key to the Futuristic Western community which will offer an incredible and continuous adventure such as a staking program where you earn $BUFA tokens, the possibility to redeem 2 music NFTs per month with commercial rights, a wearable every 2 months, music tutorials, visual art collaborations, VIP access to IRL and Metaverse parties, as well as a whitelist to an upcoming phygital experience.

But most importantly, you get access to an incredible community of web3 builders and Futuristic Western Music lovers. A true family dedicated to making the word known: cowboys are back, more futuristic than ever!

Where can people learn more about you and what you’re doing?

You can check out my work and follow me at:


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