A New Era for Decentral Games

It’s time for a new era.

A governance proposal was passed, nearly unanimously, to simplify our ecosystem and unify our community under a new asset: BAG, the Metaverse coin of the people.

We couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter of our community. Since these are massive changes, we’ll be rolling out the updates in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: BAG Token Migration
  • Phase 2: Poker Arcade Updates
  • Phase 3: Wearable Utility Updates

Below are details for each phase and what you can expect during this transition.

Table of Contents

Phase 1: BAG Token Migration

We’re targeting February 28th to launch the BAG token and begin the migration process.

There’ll be an official Token Migration site where you can convert your DG and ICE tokens to BAG. Token migration will be supported on both Ethereum and Polygon at the following rates:

  • 1 DG = 8 BAG (Ethereum and Polygon)
  • 3 ICE = 2 BAG (Polygon only)

To migrate $xDG, you must first unstake to get DG. You can then swap your DG for BAG on either Ethereum or Polygon.

Banked ICE can’t be converted to BAG, however you can continue to redeem your Banked ICE for Tickets and Arcade Wearables. The Banked ICE Marketplace will remain open until further notice.

During Phase 1, we’ll also be adding BAG utility within the Metaverse Casino and Pocket Casino:

  • BAG casino gameplay: Play blackjack, roulette, and cash poker with BAG.
  • BAG loyalty rewards: The more BAG you stack, the higher referral and cashback rewards you earn.
  • BAG governance: Submit and vote on proposals using BAG, no staking needed.

Phase 2: Poker Arcade Updates

In this phase, we’ll be updating the Poker Arcade app’s URL to arcade.poker and making various improvements. 

Shine will be rebranded to Tickets for a simpler and intuitive name. This will happen automatically and there’s no action needed on your part. Tickets will be used to enter tournaments and function the same way Shine does now.

Along with the Shine rebrand, we’ll also be implementing:

  • USDT purchases: Buy Tickets using USDT on either Ethereum or Polygon.
  • USDT prizes: Win bags of USDT from the Arcade Prize Shop.
  • Poker Arcade UI updates: Updating the UI to reflect the new changes.

Phase 3: Wearable Utility Updates

Lastly, we’ll be phasing out Challenge Mode, pausing wearable upgrades, and adding new wearable rewards.

All Access Wearables will be renamed to Premium Wearables and have the following utility:

  • Bonus USDT rewards: Claim Bonus USDT each week to play casino games.
  • Ticket rewards: Claim Tickets each week to enter tournaments.
  • Unlimited stacking: Earn rewards from all of your Premium Wearables with no limits.

Each week, you can choose to earn Bonus USDT or Tickets. The amount of rewards you earn depends on your Premium Wearable’s reward bonus and how many wearables you own. The reward rate per wearable is: 3 x (1 + bonus %).

For example: If you have a Premium Wearable with a 45% bonus then you’ll earn 4.35 Bonus USDT or Tickets each week (3 x 1.45).

To continue earning rewards, you’ll need to play at least once during the week to be eligible for the next week.

Decentral Games Premium Wearable Infographic
Premium Wearable Utility

High Roller Wearables

Duting this phase, the Crown, Scepter, and Royal Attire Wearables will receive the same utility as Premium Wearables but with much higher weekly reward bonuses.

Stay Tuned

We’ll be posting more updates as we near the token migration and transition between phases.

Follow @DecentralGames on Twitter or join our Discord to stay up to date.

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