Decentral Games Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Decentral Games 3rd Anniversary

Wow, time flies!

This Friday, December 1 marks the 3rd anniversary of the $DG token. It’s been an amazing journey and we appreciate all the support over the years.

As a thank you, all $xDG holders received a $20 casino bonus airdrop. Register for the DG Casino or sign into your account to claim your bonus.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ll be hosting 3rd anniversary casino competitions and an MTT. Come join the community for live music, limited edition prizes, and more.

Read below for a recap of the year, what’s coming up next, and details for the events.

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Recap of 2023

2023 was a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

At the start of the year, we launched our Metaverse SNG game mode and released several features to the ICE Poker Arcade app.

  • Player Hub: Join tournaments, shop for prizes, and manage your ICE Poker account in one easy place.
  • Arcade Prize Shop: Redeem tournament badges for high ticket prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, NFT collections, raffles, and more.
  • Free Play Mode: Play ICE Poker Arcade for free and level up to earn chests.
  • Chests: Unlock chests for mystery prizes such as wearables, Shine, and more.

We also released 2 ICE Poker All Access wearable collections: the ICE Pirate and the ICE Caesar. The ICE Pirate and her trusty companion, Chip, quickly became community favorites.

In April, the Decentral Games community was presented with an opportunity to acquire a Malta gaming license.

The proposal was passed unanimously and the next few months were spent heads down, adapting our existing Metaverse games to support real money gambling.

At the end of July, we launched the DG Casino: the world’s first Metaverse casino. We’ve been relentlessly building since then and have already released a handful of new features.

  • Welcome Bonuses: Get an instant 100% match on your first deposit, up to €400.
  • Cashback Program: Earn up to 25% of the house edge in cashback rewards on all of your bets, win or lose. Rewards stack in real-time and you can cash out instantly.
  • Referral Program: Invite your friends and earn up to 50% of the house edge from every bet they make. Claim your referral rewards at any time with no fees or limits.
  • Multi-Token Support: Play with $ICE, $ETH, or $USDT (Polygon and Ethereum).
  • Casino Competitions: Test your luck against others and compete to win big prizes.

The launch of the DG Casino is an exciting new chapter for the community, and we’re just getting started.

In October, we announced an exciting partnership with Virtue Poker to expand our game offerings with MTTs.

Our goal together is to create the largest web3 poker network. By joining forces, Virtue Poker and Decentral Games will now offer the most extensive product suite in the market: real-money Metaverse casino games, free-to-play Metaverse poker, web-based poker clubs, and more.

Virtue Poker and Decentral Games logos
Virtue Poker x Decentral Games

Looking Forward to 2024

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come and we couldn’t be more excited about Decentral Games’ future.

Our vision for 2024 is to continue to build on our progress, expand our casino game offerings, and build an accessible platform to reach a wider audience. Here’s what’s on our roadmap as we head into the new year:

  • Bring the DG Casino to mobile (2D) for greater accessibility. 
  • Add 3rd party game integrations to drastically expand our offerings. 
  • Integrate wearable utility into the DG Casino (Metaverse and mobile).
  • Run larger-scale marketing and streamer campaigns aimed at showcasing our unique offering and driving players into our ecosystem.
  • Rebrand for a fresh new feel of our product suite (more to share on this soon). 
  • Launch our own native Metaverse client.
  • Expand and scale our MTT offerings.

The Internet revolutionized the gambling industry by making games accessible and giving players a variety of options. The rise of crypto and immersive technology is transforming the industry again—and Decentral Games is leading the way.

Here’s to the next year of DG 🥂

3rd Anniversary Events

Come celebrate with the Decentral Games community, win casino bonuses, and compete for a Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable (only 10 exist).

Decentral Games 3rd Anniversary Hat wearable
Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable


Participate in any of the 3rd anniversary events to be entered into a raffle drawing for a $20 casino bonus. 20 random people win.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Tweet a screenshot of you playing in the casino competition or MTT, and tag @DecentralGames.
  2. Verify your entry on the giveaway page.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, December 3 @ 11pm UTC (6pm EST).

Casino Competitions

Come test your luck to win big prizes!

We’ll be hosting 2 casino competitions. Play with $ICE, $ETH, or $USDT to score on the leaderboard. The top players in each competition win a share of the crypto prize pool and limited edition wearables.

All $xDG holders can use their casino bonus to enter and play for free.

$600 Casino Competition with Polygon

  • Friday, December 1
  • 5pm UTC (12pm EST), 1 hour long
  • Event details

The top 10 players win:

  • 1st: 100K $ICE + Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable w/ 15 Shine
  • 2nd: 50K $ICE + Legendary Maverick Mink wearable w/ 15 Shine
  • 3rd: 30K $ICE + Legendary Dice Slides wearable w/ 15 Shine
  • 4th: 10K $ICE
  • 5th: 5K $ICE
  • 6th to 10th: 1K $ICE
Decentral Games 3rd Anniversary Metaverse event flyer
DG 3rd Anniversary Casino Competition with Polygon

$1,000 24 Hour Casino Competition

  • Saturday, December 2
  • 10pm UTC (5pm EST), 24 hours long
  • Event details

The top 20 players win:

  • 1st: 125K $ICE + Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable w/ 15 Shine
  • 2nd: 65K $ICE + Legendary Black Floral Jacket wearable w/ 15 Shine
  • 3rd: 45K $ICE + Legendary Floral Puffer Pants wearable w/ 15 Shine
  • 4th: 30K $ICE
  • 5th: 15K $ICE
  • 6th to 10th: 2K $ICE
  • 11th to 20th: 1K $ICE
Decentral Games 3rd Anniversary Metaverse event flyer
DG 3rd Anniversary Casino Competition

$1,000 GTD MTT

This Sunday, December 3 is our first $ICE MTT and will be hosted on Virtue Poker.

Compete for a share of the $1,000 prize pool, casino bonuses, and a Mythic DG 3 Year Hat. The top 20 players win!

This MTT is open to all players, no location restriction. You can play on your desktop or mobile browser.

Tournament Details

  • Start time: 7pm UTC (2pm EST)
  • 3,000 $ICE entry
  • 30 min. late registration
  • 9-max table
  • 10,000 starting chips
  • 10 min. blinds

Check the tournament lobby for the blind structure and full details.


  • 1st: $240 + $20 USDT casino bonus + Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable w/ 15 Shine + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 2nd:  $160 + $20 USDT casino bonus + Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable w/ 15 Shine + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 3rd: $96 + $20 USDT casino bonus + Mythic DG 3 Year Hat wearable w/ 15 Shine + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 4th: $76 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 5th: $64 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 6th: $48 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 7th: $40 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 8th: $32 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 9th: $24 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 10th: $20 + $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP
  • 11th to 20th: $20 USDT casino bonus + 1,000 $VPPP

How to Register 

  1. Head to the tournament lobby to register.
  2. On the tournament lobby, click “Join Tournament”. Then click “Sign-up” at the bottom to create an account.
  3. After making an account, click “Join Tournament” on the tournament lobby again. This will prompt instructions on how to send your $ICE entry.
  4. After sending 3,000 $ICE, click “Check” on the tournament registration screen.
  5. On Sunday, sit in the tournament lobby before the start time and you’ll load into a table.

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