Decentral Games Casino Holiday Cashback Bonus

Decentral Games Holiday Cashback promo

The holidays are all about giving back.

As the holiday season approaches, we’re feeling especially grateful for the Decentral Games community.

You’ve been with us right from the shuffle of the first deck. Thank you for helping beta test the DG Casino, giving your feedback, and more—you’re the real MVPs.

As we gear up for an exciting few months ahead, we wanted to give back to all of our early supporters.

Today we’re kicking off our Holiday Cashback Bonus: base cashback rewards have been increased by 3x and you can earn up to 35% of the house edge back on all of your bets!

Until January 2, 2024, you’ll earn a base cashback reward of 15% of the house edge from any bet you make, win or lose. If you’re a max-tier xDG holder, you’ll now earn 35% of the house edge.

Below are the base cashback rates.

GameWager AmountBase Holiday Cashback Rewards
Blackjack234 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT1 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT
Roulette267 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT1 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT
Cash poker7 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT in rake1 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT

You can boost your base rewards up to 35% of the house edge by unlocking higher reward tiers and bonus multipliers.

Tier$xDG RequiredBonus Multiplier
11,000 $xDG1.1x
25,000 $xDG1.2x
325,000 $xDG1.3x
450,000 $xDG1.4x
575,000 $xDG1.5x
6100,000 $xDG1.6x
7250,000 $xDG1.8x
8500,000 $xDG2x
9750,000 $xDG2.2x
101,000,000 $xDG2.33x

For a walkthrough on how to get $xDG, follow our video guide.

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