Decentral Games & Amnesia Ibiza Launched First Metaverse Music Festival, Showcasing The Future of Virtual Nightlife

Decentral Games & Amnesia Ibiza Launched First Metaverse Music Festival, Showcasing The Future of Virtual Nightlife

Decentral Games launched the biggest party in the metaverse over the weekend, to celebrate the official launch of our massive new entertainment venue – the SuperClub. Together with our partner – world renowned destination nightclub Amnesia Ibiza, we unveiled our vision for the future of nightlife in style with some of the world’s most iconic DJ’s in a 12-hour virtual music festival. 

First Metaverse Dance Music Festival For The Globe

This much anticipated virtual launch event for our Amnesia branded SuperClub attracted thousands of virtual partygoers across the globe. For the first time, EDM fans from all over the world can come together to enjoy the unique Amnesia Ibiza experience, without needing to step out of their homes. 

Amnesia Ibiza has been a staple of the world-famous Ibiza club circuit for decades. A top contender on the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs list year after year, Amnesia is among the apex brands in nightlife and entertainment. We are thrilled that they are trusting us to help establish their presence within the metaverse. This is undoubtedly a testament to DG as a leader in metaverse development. 

Our dedicated team of designers and developers have been hard at work to create a hyper-realistic virtual club environment that retains the essence of Amnesia Ibiza with futuristic touches, including stunning decor lit up in technicolor with lots of pyramids. The virtual nightclub is home to 3 different spaces – the Terrace, the iconic Amnesia Arena for large scale shows, and the Museum Room which features the history of Ibiza and allows NFT sales. 

Of course, the Amnesia Ibiza experience would not be complete without the social element. Accommodating a large number of users simultaneously is a challenge on such a nascent phase of blockchain metaverse, but our amazing developers and designers have come together with innovative ways to work around challenges in order to optimize the experience and enable high throughput. In other words, thousands of attendees can enjoy their party at the SuperClub without worrying about bumpy UX and UI.

Where our partygoers are attending this epic party from – Everywhere!

Star-Studded Line Up

The DG x Amnesia SuperClub featured amazing live sets from the legendary Grammy-winning DJ Benny Benassi, global trance music icon Paul van Dyk, Anfisa Letyago, Luciano, and other dance music superstars at the Arena hosted by Djenerates. With a combined monthly listener metric well in the tens of millions, the SuperClub’s grand opening has put DG on the radar of millions of music fans, many of whom are likely discovering the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for the first time. 

Doors opened at 7pm EST with Londonground kicking off the festival, and ended at 7am with new Italian techno icon DJ Anfisa Letyago who has been making waves for her distinctive sound. Every DJ brought amazing energy for this historic moment in EDM as we put on our dancing NFT shoes and partied away from sunset till sunrise for the first time in the metaverse. 

Benassi says Decentral Games’ metaverse platform is “a new, pioneering way to bring music to people.”

Check out who else showed up for the party – Ape from BAYC !

Exclusive Amnesia NFTs

To celebrate the monumental occasion, we launched Amnesia branded wearable NFTs, which were sold to those who wanted VIP access to the Terrace. We plan to make more Amnesia branded NFTs available soon, so stay tuned for that!

One of our guests all decked out in Amnesia branded wearable NFTs showing off moves at the balcony

What This Means For DG

The SuperClub represents a new vertical for DG metaverse technologies that complements our core gaming scope. It aligns well with our broader community goals to accelerate user acquisition and expand the value proposition behind our metaverse development capabilities. 

For $DG investors, the onboarding of new users combined with our monetization strategies for this venue will drive asset appreciation. The SuperClub opens up several new revenue-generating opportunities which will ultimately fortify the DG DAO’s already formidable cash flow position:

  • Advertising revenue generated through brand partnerships 
  • Proceeds from the sales and productions of exclusive co-branded NFTs on behalf of artists and partners
  • Profit-sharing from third party product and merchandise sales 

We have said this before and we will say it again – the past year and a half has proven to be a watershed moment for the future of virtual concerts and entertainment. However, even as the world has opened back up, artists are continuing to explore how they can better engage with fans online. While there are a number of brands attempting to enter the virtual concert space which has an estimated worth of tens of billions within the next two to three years, we are ahead of the curve due to our ability to provide an unmatched immersive experience, a loyal audience, and world class talent. 

As many in our community know, our role in introducing legacy brands to the capabilities of the metaverse is something we’re proud of. Our growing list of business-to-business partnerships from a development standpoint includes Bored Ape Yacht Club, Polygon, Coingecko, DEXTools, Atari and more. We see this new achievement as a clear sign that the music industry is taking note of our successes  launching this critical infrastructure, and our efforts to capture a share of this industry have only just begun. 

Upcoming Events

Were you one of the attendees who joined us at this epic festival and can’t wait for more? Or did you miss out on this event? Either way, we have amazing news for you! We have more fun virtual dance events coming up soon and you might even be the next person deciding which DJ gets to play at the SuperClub! Just let us know who you want to see next!

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