Refer Friends, Earn Rewards: Decentral Games Referral Program

DG Casino Referral Program

Community is everything. That’s why we want to reward you for helping spread the word about Decentral Games.

Introducing the DG Casino Referral Program: invite your friends and earn up to 50% of the house edge from every bet they make!

The referral program is open to all DG Casino users.

  • Referral rewards are updated in real-time.
  • You can instantly claim your rewards at any time with no fees.
  • There are no limits to how many people you can refer or how much you can earn.

Keep reading to learn about the referral reward rates, bonus multipliers, and how to start referring.

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Referral Rewards

Refer your friends and you’ll instantly earn a base reward of 25% of the house edge from every bet they make, win or lose. Below are the base referral rates.

GameFriend Wager AmountBase Referral Rewards
Blackjack200 $ICE or $USDT1 $ICE or $USDT
Roulette160 $ICE or $USDT1 $ICE or $USDT
Cash poker4 $ICE or $USDT in rake1 $ICE or $USDT
*Referral reward rates can be updated from DG DAO proposals.

ImportantTo prevent abuse, referred players wagering casino bonus funds in blackjack and roulette don’t count toward your referral rewards. Rake generated will count towards your referral rewards even if the player has an active casino bonus.

To earn more, you can boost your base referral rewards by unlocking bonus multipliers. We’ll talk about this next.

Bonus Multiplier

Hold $xDG to get a bonus multiplier and boost your referral rewards.

The more $xDG you hold, the higher your tier and bonus multiplier. If you’re a max-tier xDG holder, you’ll earn 50% of the house edge.

Tier$xDG RequiredBonus Multiplier
11,000 $xDG1.1x
25,000 $xDG1.2x
325,000 $xDG1.3x
450,000 $xDG1.4x
575,000 $xDG1.5x
6100,000 $xDG1.6x
7250,000 $xDG1.7x
8500,000 $xDG1.8x
9750,000 $xDG1.9x
101,000,000 $xDG2x

For a walkthrough on how to get $xDG, follow our video guide.

How to Refer

Referring your friends is simple and straightforward:

  1. Sign into your account: If you haven’t already, register for the DG Casino. Then, head over to your DG Casino Account page and click the “Referrals” tab to get your unique referral link.
  2. Share your link: Copy your referral link and share it with your friends, family, or anyone you’d like.
  3. Sit back and earn: Whenever your referrals play, you earn instantly.

You can see your successful referrals and claim your rewards all within your DG Casino Account page.

DG Casino Account Page: Referral Program
Referral tab in DG Casino Account

Ready to Start Referring and Earning?

Register for the DG Casino to get your referral link and start inviting your friends now.

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