ICE Poker and DG Casino Patch Notes: August 23, 2023

Playing blackjack in the DG Casino

Today’s ICE Poker and DG Casino update includes increased max bets, casino competitions, and various bug fixes.

ICE Poker

  • Fixed an issue with Challenge Mode bet selector chips sometimes not working as expected.

DG Casino

  • Increased maximum $ICE bet limits.
  • Implemented casino competition mode.
  • Updated token select denominations for improved UX with all bet ranges.
  • Fixed an issue related to expired or invalid AUTH tokens when in the DG Casino.


  • Blackjack max limit increased to 50,000 $ICE.
  • Fixed a bug related to accepting or declining insurance when playing with multiple players at the same blackjack table.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could “steal” another players seat.


  • Roulette max limit increased to 10,000 $ICE (individual number max) and 100,000 ICE (table max)
  • Improved “Last bet” functionality.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a user would not receive their won amount when there are multiple players at the same roulette table.

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