Decentral Games Patch Notes: November 6, 2023

Decentral Games Metaverse Casino 2023 Winter theme

Today’s update includes a new welcome bonus, ETH cash tables, increased max bets, and various bug fixes.


  • Added a 100% welcome bonus for $ETH and $USDT deposits.
  • Increased blackjack max bets by 4x:
    • 200,000 $ICE
    • 1,000 $USDT
    • 0.6 $ETH
  • Added an ETH .001/.002 cash poker table upstairs.
  • Simplified the in-world casino login process by removing the wallet signature step.
  • Added a new cashback notification that shows how much cashback you earn while playing.
  • Added a casino bonus pop-up window that notifies you when you receive any casino bonuses.
  • Added Bonus $ICE as a prize in the ICE Poker Arcade Prize Shop.
  • Added a winter theme to the DG Casino.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Challenge Mode where a player’s seat could be “stolen” between hands.
  • Fixed an issue in all poker game modes where joining/leaving in a certain sequence could freeze the table.
  • Updated the logic for the countdown timer when a new player joins a poker table.
  • Fixed an issue in blackjack where leaving and rejoining with other players could display the incorrect currency for the table.
  • Fixed a bug when canceling a bet at the last second.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to join roulette while a spin is in progress.

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