Decentral Games Community Spotlight: Roustan

Decentral Games Community Spotlight: Roustan

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a body painter—I paint on people and then photograph them.

I’ve been doing that art form since 2005. I dove into web3 with my artwork as soon as I heard about NFTs and have been thriving in the Metaverse ever since.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

X-ray vision! Then I can see everyone’s cards and their hygiene. HAHA!

How did you get into web3? What was your web3 “aha” moment?

I saw a YouTube thumbnail titled “Crypto and Art”. I had interest in crypto since 2014, and realizing art could be applied to crypto definitely piqued my interest.

How did you find out about Decentral Games?

I heard about it when ICE Poker was first unveiled in Decentraland.

I’ve been a poker player for decades so that definitely hooked me in. Queen Canessa was kind enough to get me started as a delegate and I’ve been collecting chips and twerking on POAP dispensers ever since.

What’s your favorite ICE Poker wearable collection?

The Cyberpunk collection for sure.

Decentral Games ICE Poker: Cyberpunk wearable
Cyberpunk wearable

What’s the biggest challenge in web3 right now?

I think people’s natural tendency to become complacent is the biggest threat.

Web3 moves very fast and I think people need to constantly be ready to adapt and apply new strategies and technologies. This is true for normies and the most experienced degens. It’s VERY easy to miss opportunities if you are not ready at all times.

Who are some of the people in web3 who have inspired you?

Hmmmm… that’s a tough one.

I usually see a path and go after it on my own. But I can certainly credit “The Party” for introducing me to Decentraland, and “Cromulon” for showcasing me at his gallery back in late March 2021. It opened my eyes to so much more potential beyond just NFTs. Without their intro to the Metaverse, I’d probably be one of those artists that are STILL joining Twitter Spaces trying to shill an NFT.

Tell us about what you’re building and what inspired you to start it?

I’m not really building anything specific.

I just made what I consider a common sense transition from a “traditional” art career showing my work in galleries and doing commissions to what feels like a common sense future of art in the Metaverse. I’m doing pretty much exactly what I did before with all the fat cut out (i.e. framing, storing, shipping, gallery shows/cuts, etc).

This new world is so much more efficient and effective—epecially when it comes to building a brand and community without middlemen. There’s no reason to look back.

I’m just an evolved artist doing what I think many artists will be doing in the next five to ten years. I constantly explore my curiosity and have been learning 3D design and coding. I constantly apply the new relevant technologies and opportunities I discover everyday.

Where can people learn more about you and what you’re doing?

You can see my body paint artwork on my site and on YouTube. And you can see all my NFTs and Metaverse happenings on my LinkTree.

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