The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to ICE Poker

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Welcome to ICE Poker: the first Metaverse poker platform.

Join thousands of players worldwide and play poker for big prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, DG merch, and more. Whether you’re a poker beginner or a seasoned vet, you’ll have a fun experience.

Keep reading to learn more about ICE Poker and how to start playing.

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What Is ICE Poker?

ICE Poker is a Metaverse poker game where you can earn big prizes, $ICE rewards, and digital collectibles by:

  • Winning tournaments.
  • Completing daily challenges.
  • Managing an ICE Poker team for a reward split.

ICE Poker has a dress code: you need to equip an ICE wearable to start playing. Wearables are virtual clothes that come in various themes (more info later).

ICE Poker All Access wearables
ICE Poker wearables

ICE Poker Game Modes

ICE Poker currently has 2 game modes:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Challenge Mode

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is our Sit and Go (SNG) tournament game mode.

Test your poker skills and compete in 6-player, single table tournaments. Place top 2 in any tournament to win badges that you can use to redeem for big prizes.

Along with winning prizes, you can also rise up the leaderboard to win bonus daily, weekly, and monthly rewards. $10,000 in rewards are up for grabs each month!

Learn more about Arcade Mode:

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is our free-to-play game mode.

Receive free chips to play each day, complete daily challenges, and climb the daily leaderboard to earn rewards. All the fun of poker, without the downside.

Learn more about Challenge Mode:

ICE Poker Platforms

Play at home or on go! ICE Poker is available on 2 platforms:

  • ICE Poker Arcade app
  • ICE Poker Metaverse

All of your rewards and in-game items work across both platforms.

ICE Poker Arcade

ICE Poker Arcade is a web app that you can play on any device browser anywhere, anytime. No download needed.

Play on your desktop at home or hit the tables from your phone. You can also play multiple tables at once with our multi-table feature.

Hop into the ICE Poker Arcade.

ICE Poker Arcade: Multi-Table Feature
ICE Poker Arcade: Multi-Table Feature

ICE Poker Metaverse

Immerse yourself into the virtual world of Decentraland for a unique poker experience.

You can play in your desktop browser or on the desktop app. To download the desktop app, go to Decentraland’s site.

Ready to dive into the Metaverse? Hop into the Stronghold now.

ICE Poker Metaverse in the Stronghold
ICE Poker Metaverse in the Stronghold

ICE Poker Wearables

ICE Poker wearables are virtual clothes that come in various themes such as spartan, viking, pilot, chef, and more!

Personalize your look: mix and match different pieces or collect a full set of your favorite outfit. Upgrade your wearables to earn more rewards and access to exclusive perks.

Wearables are NFTs—these items belong to you. Equip them to play ICE Poker, collect them, trade them, lend them out to create your own poker team, or take them with you to use in other games.

There are currently 2 types of wearables that give you varying access to our game modes and platforms:

  • Arcade wearables: Access to the ICE Poker Arcade app and Arcade Mode in the Metaverse. A low-cost entry point to start playing.
  • All Access wearables: Access to all game modes and platforms for the full ICE Poker experience. Equip them to play or lend them out to other players for rewards.


Shine = tickets to enter a tournament in Arcade Mode.

To enter a tournament, you spend Shine. The amount of Shine you need varies for different game modes and special events.

Shine can be added to both Arcade and All Access wearables:

  • New Arcade wearables start with 9 Shine.
  • All Access wearables start with 0 Shine.
Arcade wearables with Shine circled
Shine amount on a wearable

Learn more about ICE Poker wearables and Shine:

ICE Poker Accessories

ICE Poker accessories are cosmetic items that you can further customize your avatar with.

Note: Equipping an accessory doesn’t give you access to ICE Poker or increase your gameplay rewards.

You can choose from various accessories such as hats, chains, rings, and more. Accessories come in 3 tiers:

  • Low Tier: Accessories with a supply of 1,000 items that costs 1,000 $ICE each.
  • High Tier: Accessories with a supply of 100 items that costs 10,000 $ICE each.
  • High Roller: Exclusive accessories that can only be acquired by owning a full set of rank 5 wearables from a single collection.
ICE Poker Accessory Marketplace
ICE Poker Accessory Marketplace

High Roller Accessories

High Roller ICE accessories can only be acquired by owning a full set of rank 5 All Access wearables from a single collection.

There are currently 2 High Roller accessories:

  • ICE Crown
  • ICE Scepter
ICE Poker avatar wearing Crown and Scepter accessory
ICE Poker avatar wearing Crown and Scepter accessory

These accessories are cosmetic items that unlock exclusive perks such as airdrops, VIP Discord channels, cross-game utility, and more.

Learn more about ICE Poker accessories:

ICE Poker Teams

You can lend out your All Access wearables to other players and start your own ICE Poker team.

As a team owner, you’ll earn a share of your player’s rewards from Challenge Mode. The default reward split is:

  • 40% to the team owner
  • 60% to the player

ICE Poker also offers tools to manage your players and scale your ICE Poker team such as:

  • Team Dashboard: Easily track player performance and see a breakdown of their stats.
  • Player Look up: Vet a player’s past performance before recruiting them to your team.
  • Team Manager: Assign a manager who can see your Team Dashboard and manage your team for you.
ICE Poker Team Dashboard
ICE Poker Team Dashboard

Player Levels

ICE Poker Player Levels is a player progression system.

Play, earn points, and level up to unlock more features such as ICE Poker Chests, exclusive prizes, and more.

ICE Poker level menu in the Player Hub
ICE Poker level menu in the Player Hub

All players start at level 1. You can earn points by playing Arcade Mode and winning a hand or placing high in a tournament.

As you level up, you’ll also increase your rank. The current rank tiers are:

  • Bronze: Levels 1 to 20
  • Silver: Levels 21 to 40
  • Gold: Levels 41 to 61
  • Platinum: Levels 61 to 80
  • Diamond: Levels 81+

Learn more about ICE Poker Levels:

How to Start Playing ICE Poker

To start playing ICE Poker, you’ll need to:

  1. Create an ICE Poker account.
  2. Get an ICE wearable.
  3. Hop into your desired game mode.

Create an ICE Poker Account

Before you can play, you’ll need to create an ICE Poker account to hold your wearables, rewards, and other in-game items.

To create a new account, you can either:

  • Sign in using your email, Twitter, or Discord.
  • Connect your MetaMask, Coinbase, or Rainbow wallet.
ICE Poker Arcade sign-in
ICE Poker Arcade sign-in

Start Playing Arcade Mode

To start playing Arcade Mode, you can buy an Arcade wearable as a low-cost entry point.

You can buy Arcade wearables for $5 from the DG Marketplace or directly in the ICE Poker Arcade app. Arcade wearables come with 9 Shine so you can immediately enter tournaments.

For a walkthrough on how to start playing, check out our How to Play ​​Arcade Mode guide.

Start Playing Challenge Mode

To start playing Challenge Mode, you’ll need an All Access wearable. You can get one by:

  • Buying one from OpenSea.
  • Winning one from Arcade Mode.
  • Joining a team to borrow one and start playing for free.

For walkthroughs on how to start playing:

Start Your Own ICE Poker Team

To start your own team, you’ll need to buy an All Access wearable.

To assign a wearable to your team member, enter the player’s ETH address on the DG Account page.

Each wearable is individually assigned. For example, you can assign 2 wearables to 2 different players or assign 2 wearables to a single player.

Need Help?

We offer 24/7 support in our Discord. Open a support ticket and our staff can answer all your questions.

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