Decentral Games Partners with Biconomy

Decentral Games has officially partnered with Biconomy to streamline player onboard and crypto transactions on Matic Network. Biconomy is a chain agnostic relayer infrastructure provider that reduces friction for blockchain applications.

Why Biconomy?

Traditionally, decentralized applications have required users to pay transaction fees. Our games are built on Matic Network’s L2 sidechain, which requires transaction fees in MATIC tokens and signatures from Matic Network’s custom RPC. 

Free and Easy Transactions

With Biconomy’s meta-transactional relayer architecture, our players may sign transactions on Matic Network without paying gas and without switching their Metamask network to the Matic Netwok custom RPC. 

Below is the transaction flow diagram for Biconomy Proxy Contract showcasing how user is able to do a transaction with zero balance account.

Additionally, the Biconomy relayer architecture ensures that transactions go through, so a user is not stuck waiting for confirmation. 


Biconomy is an essential piece of the Decentral Games technology stack, enabling free, easy, and quick transactions to deliver an frictionless user experience. We look forward to further integrations with the Biconomy suite of products, as we extend our offering of games!

To explore further about how Biconomy works, see their meta-transaction repo and docs.

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