DG’s Blowout NYE Celebration To Feature Music, Games, Plus $10,000 in Giveaways

DG’s Blowout NYE Celebration To Feature Music, Games, Plus $10,000 in Giveaways

DG is leading the 2021 closing ceremonies in the metaverse with a world-class party at Tominoya on December 31st. As the world ushers in the new year, DG has assembled an enviable lineup of talented artists – Cristy Lawrence, Fluencee, Rich DietZ, and Medii, who will be performing amid all of the action. 

As the performances soundtrack the day’s festivities, DG will also be hosting a special 24-hour NFT scavenger hunt and will be giving away $10,000 of $DG in the process. RSVP to DG’s NYE blowout today to secure your chance to win some high-value rewards, and join in the fun on December 31st beginning at 12AM UTC to ring in the new year as it unfolds and secure your chance to win some high-value rewards.

In addition to the artists, token holders, and players, DG extends a special thanks to our event sponsor, OKEx, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange for spot and derivatives.

The Decentral Games family is excited to celebrate what has been a banner year for the DG platform. Since launching $DG in December 2020, Decentral Games has rapidly begun defining what the future of gaming and entertainment is likely to look like in the world of web 3.0. Through our decentralized DAO structure, DG has empowered its token holders every step of the way to effectively become owner-operators and achieve a voice in shaping the future of the project. 

DG has furthermore received recognition for our leadership in the play-to-earn space with the advent of ICE Poker. On top of creating critical use-cases for wearable NFTs, ICE Poker has expanded our community unlike any prior period in DG’s history. DG also achieved a series of meaningful “firsts” including becoming the world’s first metaverse employer, and becoming the first DAO to own, govern, and monetize virtual lands. 

These initiatives to invest in our community have been met with widespread optimism from both token holders, institutional partners, and leading crypto enterprise players including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Decentraland, and Tron, all of which have become part of the DG family through their investment in $DG and their commitment to the spirit of strategic partnership.

Of course, telling the story of DG’s 2021 highlights could not be complete without highlighting the rapid development of our venues. In the last 12 months, Decentral Games has grown to operate a handful of metaverse based gaming and entertainment venues including Tominoya, now a prominent landmark in Decentraland’s Vegas City district. Additional ventures have included a venue opened alongside iconic gaming brand Atari, as well as a digital nightclub opened in collaboration with leading nightclub brand, Amnesia Ibiza.

DG community celebrating DG’s one-year anniversary of its mainnet launch on Dec 1, 2021. 

As 2022 comes into focus, the picture is clearer than ever that there is still far more runway for growth ahead for DG. We look forward to continuing to execute on our roadmap and channeling the innovative spirit necessary to maintain our status as a front-runner at the crossroads of play-to-earn gaming, metaverse, and NFT. 

Until then, we look forward to getting the party started. Come join us in the metaverse beginning at 12AM UTC to close out 2021on the blockchain!

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