Decentral Games Partners with Virtue Poker

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Decentral Games and Virtue Poker are uniting to redefine your online gaming experience.

We’re thrilled to partner with Virtue Poker to expand our game offerings with real-money gambling and multi-table tournaments. That’s right—MTTs are here! To kick off our partnership, we’ll be hosting a $1,000 freeroll MTT.

Read below to learn more about Virtue Poker, our partnership, and details about the MTT.

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What Is Virtue Poker?

Virtue Poker is a one-stop destination to easily create custom poker games, organize your own club, and more.

They’re a web-based platform that allows anyone to create their own cash table, tournament, or club in 60 seconds or less. Hosts can create token-gated tournaments for their communities for any token or NFT across Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, or Solana.

Virtue Poker website
Virtue Poker

Decentral Games x Virtue Poker Partnership

This partnership is a big step toward our shared vision of redefining the online poker experience.

Following the passed DG DAO governance proposal, Decentral Games acquired a 90% stake in Virtue Gaming Ltd, the entity that holds the Malta License to enable real-money gambling in the DG Casino. Over the past few months, they’ve been using their prior experience to help us through the Malta software approval process.

This partnership expands Decentral Games’ offerings while growing Virtue’s community base. We’ll be leveraging Virtue’s platform to run MTTs for our community, and Virtue will be referring users to the DG Casino for real-money gambling.

Our goal together is to create the largest web3 poker network. By joining forces, Virtue Poker and Decentral Games will now offer the most extensive product suite in the market: real-money Metaverse casino games, free-to-play Metaverse poker, web-based poker clubs, and more.

Our first tournament will be a $1,000 freeroll MTT for our prestigious Crown and Scepter owners! Read below for the tournament details and how to register.

In the future, we plan on running MTTs for All Access wearable owners, partner communities, and much more.

ICE Poker $1,000 Freeroll MTT

Decentral Games ICE Poker: $1,000 Freeroll MTT
$1,000 Freeroll MTT

Tournament details

Tournament structure

  • 25,000 starting chips
  • 10 min blind levels
  • 9-max table
  • 5 min break every 4 blind levels
  • No late registration or re-buys

For a full breakdown of the blind structure, click Blinds on the right-hand side of the tournament lobby.

Prize structure

  • 1st place: $300
  • 2nd place: $200
  • 3rd place: $120
  • 4th place: $95
  • 5th place: $80
  • 6th place: $60
  • 7th place: $50
  • 8th place: $40
  • 9th place: $30
  • 10th place: $25

All prizes will be paid out in $ICE.

If you want to tune into the action, we’ll be live streaming the tournament across Kick, Twitter, and our Metaverse venues.

How to Register for the MTT

You’ll be able to play using your phone, desktop, or tablet. Here’s how to register for Virtue Poker and join the tournament:

  1. Register on Virtue Poker using the wallet that holds your Crown or Scepter. You’ll only need to sign a one-time authorization message to associate a wallet with your account.
  2. Before the scheduled start time, visit the tournament lobby to register for the tournament.
  3. To enter the tournament, log into the tournament lobby and you’ll automatically be assigned to a table when the tournament starts.
  4. You can also spectate by going to the tournament lobby and selecting a table to watch.

See you at the tables 👋

Decentral Games' tournament lobby on Virtue Poker
Virtue Poker tournament lobby

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