Decentral Games Weekly Newsletter #145

Decentral Games weekly newsletter

GM, it’s another beautiful day in the Metaverse πŸ‘‹

It’s here! This week, we launched our new cashback program. Now you’ll instantly earn cashback from all of your wagers. To kick off the fun, we’re throwing a 2x cashback weekend and our first 24-hour competition. Read below for all the details.

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🎰 Cashback Program

Introducing the DG Casino Cashback program: Instantly earn up to 25% of the house edge back from every bet you make, whether you win or lose!

The cashback program is simple with no hassles:

  • All DG Casino players are automatically enrolled.
  • Instantly earn cashback rewards after every bet.
  • Claim your rewards at any time with no fees.
  • No minimum bet requirements and no limits to how much you can earn

For the reward rates and more info about the cashback program, check out our blog post.

πŸ€‘ 2x Cashback Weekend & 24-Hour Casino Competition

Yup, that’s rightβ€”2x cashback rewards on all your wagers, all weekend long.

The 2x cashback event will run from Friday 11/3, 8pm EST to Sunday 11/5, 8pm EST.

Base cashback rewards will be increased to 10% of the house edge for everyone. If you’re a max-tier reward member then you’ll earn 50% of the house edge.

Decentral Games 2x Cashback Weekend event
2x Cashback Weekend

The fun doesn’t stop there. We’re also hosting a 24-hour competition from Saturday 11/4, 6pm EST to Sunday 11/5, 6pm EST.

Come test your luck for a chance to win rare wearables and a share of the $1,200 prize pool.

Decentral Games 24-Hour Casino Competition event
24-hour casino competition

Play roulette or blackjack with $ICE to place on the competition leaderboard. The higher your net winnings, the higher your rank. The top 20 players on the leaderboard at the end of the event win!

Check out the event details for more details and prize info.

πŸŽƒ CovenQuest

On Thursday, we kicked off CovenQuest: a multi-day Halloween adventure.

We’re sorry for all the issues you’ve experienced during this event. Due to recent Decentraland updates, there have been a lot of errors claiming the wearable and participating in quests.

Tomorrow, we’ll be ending CovenQuest with Aurora’s Cauldron Party. Come party and compete for a $600 prize pool and Legendary Halloween skins. The top 10 players win!

Decentral Games Halloween party
Aurora’s Cauldron Party

All Ring of Spirits wearable holders will get a free $30 bonus to play. Bonuses will be airdropped before the competition. Check out the blog post for instructions on how to claim your bonus.

If you’ve completed all quests, with or without claiming previous wearables, you can claim a Legendary Idol skin (only 100 available). Idol skins will be available for claiming at 6pm EST (10pm UTC).

During the event, we’ll also be raffling off Halloween skins every 10 minutes, simply be in the venue to be eligible.

For more event info and prize breakdown, check out the event details.

πŸ—žοΈ Other Highlights

πŸ’» Development Focus

DG Casino

  • USDT deposits on Ethereum
  • Casino competition v2
  • Fixing bugs and polishing experience

ICE Poker Arcade

  • $ICE gameplay
  • Private tables

πŸ’Ž Ecosystem

  • Treasury: $9.1M
  • Weekly Revenue: $11K
  • 1M $ICE purchased from secondary sale royalties, staked ETH, and USDC from LAND sales

View treasury dashboard.

Decentral Games Treasury: October 29, 2023
Decentral Games Treasury: October 22, 2023

πŸ› Governance


  • None


  • None

To submit or vote on proposals, visit Snapshot.

πŸ† Tournaments

Arcade Tournament Schedule

  • Mon: 15 Shine Turbo + 30 Shine
  • Tues: 9 Shine Hyper Turbo + 60 Shine
  • Wed: 15 Shine Turbo + 30 Shine
  • Thurs: 9 Shine Hyper Turbo + 60 Shine
  • Fri: 15 Shine Turbo + 99 Deepstack
  • Sat: 9 Shine Hyper Turbo + 30 Shine
  • Sun: 9 Shine Hyper Turbo + 30 Shine

All Arcade tournament events start at midnight UTC and last for 24 hours. 3 Shine tournaments are available 24/7.

To see details of each format, check out the tournament schedule.

πŸ“† Metaverse Events

For all upcoming events, check out our events calendar and follow @DGLiveEvents.

Decentral Games 24-Hour Casino Competition event
24-hour casino competition

Mon, Oct 30

πŸ† CovenQuest Party & Casino Competition w/ 200K $ICE and Halloween Skin Prizes
10pm UTC/6pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: Max Pain Monday
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Stronghold

Tues, Oct 31

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Korean Community Poker Night
12pm UTC/8am EST, Tominoya

πŸ‘Ύ ANT-N Radio w/ Special Guest Nikki Fuego
10pm UTC/6pm EST, Tominoya

Wed, Nov 1

πŸ† Casino Competition w/ 200K $ICE and NFTdraft Pack Prizes
5pm UTC/1pm EST, Tominoya

Thurs, Nov 2

πŸ’Ž Diamond Hands City Poker Night w/ DJ TRAX
12am UTC (Fri)/8pm EST, Diamond Hands City

Fri, Nov 3

πŸ“Ί DG TV Live Stream
5pm UTC/1pm EST, Kick

πŸ’° Spanish Community Poker Night
8pm UTC/4pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: High Stakes Friday
12am UTC (Sat)/8pm EST, Stronghold

Sat, Nov 4

⏰ 24 Hour Casino Competition w/ 400K $ICE and Rare Wearable Prizes
10pm UTC/6pm EST, Tominoya

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