Decentral Games ICE Poker Genesis Mint and Beta Play-to-Earn Launch

Decentral Games ICE Poker Genesis Mint and Beta Play-to-Earn Launch

Put on an ICE Poker Wearable and hit the tables to earn ICE and have fun with your friends! Decentral Games’ play-to-earn ICE Poker lets anyone earn ICE by purchasing or receiving delegation to an ICE Poker Wearable NFT and completing daily poker challenges in the Metaverse.

ICE Poker Beta launches today at approximately 7pm EST / 11pm UTC with our genesis NFT mint. If you have at least 1 $DG staked in DG DAO Governance, you can head to and mint for 0.1 ETH. 

As a refresher, here is a overview of how to play-to-earn with Decentral Games’ ICE Poker, followed by some ways in which this addition to our ecosystem adds value to the Decentral Games DAO Treasury and for $DG token holders:

Getting Started

Step 1: Players acquire an ICE Wearable NFT, either through purchase or delegation. These NFTs entitle players to a daily allotment of Chips, which reset at midnight UTC. The more iced wearables you’re playing with, the more ICE you earn (Max 5)! The chart below shows the flow for wearable purchase; alternatively, once you’ve found someone to team up with, you can delegate or receive delegation at

Step 2: Players use Chips to play Poker and complete daily challenges. These daily challenges range in difficulty from simply seeing the flop 15 times to completing a straight twice. Challenges are assigned at random daily, but players always receive one Easy, one Medium, and one Hard challenge. 

Step 3: Players earn ICE token rewards and XP. Completing challenges earns players ICE tokens and XP, which are paid out and allocated daily at midnight UTC. A player’s Chips performance that day contributes to their leaderboard position and has an associated ICE earnings multiplier between 0.5 and 1.5. 

Step 4: Players burn ICE tokens, use XP, and deposit $DG to upgrade their NFTs. Burning ICE token allows players to upgrade to higher value and more exclusive wearables. Iced wearables range in level from 1 to 5, and upgraded variables allow players to achieve ICE bonus allocations, making it easier to earn more ICE, faster. 

ICE Play-to-Earn Poker and the Decentral Games Ecosystem

Play-to-earn is one of the most important metaverse use-cases proven to date, and we designed ICE Poker to bring this EV-positive gameplay experience to our community. We expect ICE Poker’s addition to the Decentral Games ecosystem will drive higher concurrent player counts — generating a more lively metaverse experience and accelerating our ability to scale — and add value to the Decentral Games DAO Treasury and $DG token holders in the followings ways:

  1. Initial Mint Revenue: $ETH from ICE Wearable mints go to the Decentral Games DAO Treasury. Our first batch of genesis NFTs will only be available to mint by addresses with at least 1 $DG staked in governance. 
  2. Royalty Revenue: 4.9% of all ICE Wearable secondary sales on OpenSea (in $WETH) and 2.5% of all ICE Wearable secondary sales on the Decentraland marketplace (in $MANA) go to the Decentral Games DAO Treasury.
  3. $DG Utility: In order to participate and benefit from the ICE Poker ecosystem, players must both stake and hold $DG. In addition to $ICE burning and XP use, $DG is paid for each ICE Wearable activation (0.5 $DG) and upgrade (0.1 $DG).

We look forward to players uncovering the ICE Poker’s earning potential and having fun playing a great game!

Come join us in the metaverse. We’re here, playing. 

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