Introducing the Decentral Games Cashback Program

Decentral Games' Cashback Program

Your play just got more rewarding!

Introducing the DG Casino Cashback program: instantly earn up to 25% of the house edge back from every bet you make, whether you win or lose.

The cashback program is simple with no hassles.

  • All DG Casino players are automatically enrolled.
  • Play and instantly earn cashback rewards after every bet.
  • Claim your rewards at any time with no fees.
  • No minimum bet requirements and no limits to how much you can earn.

Keep reading to learn about the cashback reward rates, bonus multipliers, and how to claim your rewards.

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Cashback Rewards

You earn a base cashback reward of 15% of the house edge from any bet you make, win or lose. Below are the base cashback rates.

GameWager AmountBase Cashback Rewards
Blackjack700 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT1 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT
Roulette800 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT1 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT
Cash poker20 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT in rake1 $ICE / $ETH / $USDT

To earn more cashback, you can boost your base rewards by unlocking bonus multipliers.

Bonus Multiplier

Hold $xDG to get a bonus multiplier and boost your cashback rewards.

The more $xDG you hold, the higher your tier and bonus multiplier. If you’re a max-tier xDG holder, you’ll earn 35% of the house edge.

Tier$xDG RequiredBonus Multiplier
11,000 $xDG1.25x
25,000 $xDG1.5x
325,000 $xDG1.75x
450,000 $xDG2x
575,000 $xDG2.5x
6100,000 $xDG3x
7250,000 $xDG3.5x
8500,000 $xDG4x
9750,000 $xDG4.5x
101,000,000 $xDG5x

For a walkthrough on how to get $xDG, follow our video guide.

How to Claim Cashback Rewards

Claiming your cashback rewards is easy.

  1. Sign into your account: Head over to your DG Casino Account page and click the “Cashback” tab. This is where you can view your cashback rewards and history.
  2. Claim rewards: Click the “Claim” button under your cashback rewards.

It’s as simple as that! Your rewards will be added to your casino balance and you can head back to the tables.

Cashback rewards in the DG Casino Account page
Cashback rewards page

Ready to Start Earning?

Register for the DG Casino to start playing and earning cashback rewards now.

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