CovenQuest: Multi-Day Halloween Adventure in Decentraland

CovenQuest Halloween event in Decentraland

Decentraland needs your help!

For centuries, a coven of witches known as the Enchanted Four has been guarding Halloween’s magic. Halloween has always been a peaceful and fun time thanks to their protection—until now.

Last night, the wicked Shadow Sorcerer discovered their hiding location and attacked the Enchanted Four. Despite outnumbering the sorcerer, they were no match for his power. The Shadow Sorcerer shattered the essence of Halloween, scattering the pieces across the world, and cast a curse on Decentraland.

The Enchanted Four must now retrieve and reunite the essence of Halloween by midnight on Hallow’s Eve, or Halloween will be lost forever.

Realizing they needed help, the witches turned to the brave residents of Decentraland. Only together could they piece Halloween’s magic back together and end the Shadow Sorcerer’s curse.

Decentral Games, Last Slice Collective, Vroomway, Babydolls, and SpottieLand have teamed up to save Halloween!

From October 26 to October 30, you can participate in CovenQuest: a multi-day adventure across Decentraland. Join the community in embarking on quests and earning limited Halloween prizes.

Keep reading to learn more about the CovenQuest and how to participate.

CovenQuest Halloween event in Decentraland
CovenQuest 2023
Table of Contents


On each day, you’ll travel to various locations to meet with each of the Enchanted Four and help gather the essence of Halloween.

  • Cosma, the Seer Witch, will use her gift of flight to find the hidden truths within her threads of time.
  • Elara, the Love Witch, with her influence over hearts and minds, searches for the ingredients to complete her love potion.
  • Luna, the Elemental Witch, must travel to the edges of the realm to collect her elemental orbs.

When these items are returned to Aurora, she can break the evil curse to save Halloween and banish the Shadow Sorcerer forever.

After completing a quest, you’ll earn a limited Legendary Halloween wearable (only 100 available for each item).

If you complete all quests then you’ll be eligible to claim a Legendary CovenQuest Idol Skin at Aurora’s Cauldron Party on October 30. More details below.

How to Participate in the CovenQuest

To participate, Aurora will provide you with the CovenQuest Ring of Spirits smart wearable (1,000 available).

Keep this ring safe! Each day, you’ll need to equip it to summon Spooky the Ghost to participate in quests and track your progress. Quests will start at midnight UTC each day.

After equipping the ring, you’ll need to accept the Smart Experience pop-up window. Then you should see a new CovenQuest UI on your screen. Click the Enchanted Four icons on the right to start a quest.

CovenQuest UI in Decentraland
CovenQuest UI

October 26: Join the Coven

  1. Talk to Aurora at Tominoya (-119,135). She’ll give you the CovenQuest Ring of Spirits smart wearable. This wearable must be equipped to complete quests.
  2. Teleport from Tominoya to SpottieLand for the CovenQuest Kickoff Night featuring a Halloween movie night and party.

October 27: Cosma Quest

  1. Visit Aurora at Tominoya (-119,135) to reveal the day’s quest.
  2. Use the portal to travel to Cosma the Seer Witch to help her gather the Threads of Time.
  3. Speak with Cosma to reveal the details of her quest.
  4. Complete the Cosma Seer Witch quest.
  5. Speak to Cosma to collect Cosma’s Broom.

October 28: Elara Quest

  1. Visit Aurora at Tominoya (-119,135) to reveal the day’s quest.
  2. Use the portal to travel to Elara the Love Witch to help her brew the Love Potion. 
  3. Speak with Elara to reveal the details of her quest.
  4. Complete the Elara Love Witch Quest.
  5. Speak to Elara to collect Alara’s Aura.

October 29: Luna Quest

  1. Visit Aurora at Tominoya (-119,135) to reveal the day’s quest.
  2. Use the portal to travel to Luna the Elemental Witch to help her collect the Elemental Orbs.
  3. Speak with Luna to reveal the details of her quest.
  4. Complete the Luna Elemental Witch Quest.
  5. Speak to Luna to collect Luna’s Amulet.

Aurora’s Cauldron Party

On October 30, join Aurora at Tominoya (-119,135) to celebrate the breaking of the Shadow Sorcerer’s curse.

She’s throwing a Halloween Casino Competition with 200,000 ICE and Legendary Halloween skin prizes! Come test your luck, enjoy a live set from PopRoXxX, claim a Halloween POAP, and claim a Legendary CovenQuest Idol skin.

  • Monday, October 30
  • 10pm UTC (6pm EST)
Decentral Games Halloween party
Aurora’s Cauldron Party

As a thank you, Aurora will be giving 10,000 Bonus ICE to all CovenQuest Ring of Spirits wearable holders so you can enter the competition for free. Bonuses will be dropped before the start of the event.

Decentral Games' Halloween 2023 skins
2023 Halloween skins

The top 10 players win:

  • 1st place: 100K $ICE & 5 Legendary DG Halloween skins
  • 2nd place: 50K $ICE & 3 Legendary DG Halloween skins
  • 3rd place: 30K $ICE & 1 Legendary DG Halloween skin
  • 4th place: 10K $ICE
  • 5th place: 5K $ICE
  • 6th to 10th place: 1K $ICE

During the party, we’ll also be raffling off Halloween skins every 10 minutes. Simply be in the venue during the event to be eligible for the drawing.

How to Enter the Competition

To participate in the competition and claim your free bonus, you must register for the DG Casino using your wallet.

ImportantKYC is required to withdraw casino winnings. Bonus ICE is subject to playthrough requirements.

  • Step 1: Register for the DG Casino
  • Step 2: After bonuses are dropped, head to your DG Casino Account page.
  • Step 3: Click Bonuses on the right
  • Step 4: Click Activate Bonus
  • Step 5: Hop into the DG Casino
  • Step 6:Click the Join button on the right to enter the competition

See you there!

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