ICE Poker and DG Casino Patch Notes: June 9, 2023

Playing ICE Poker's Metaverse cash poker game mode

Today’s update includes a long-awaited feature: cash poker games. On top of that, we also fixed various bugs for blackjack and roulette gameplay.

ICE Poker

  • Added a new table backdrop with dynamic information for all poker game modes.
  • Added an ICE Poker Chest icon, counter, and notification when playing Arcade or Challenge Mode.
  • Implemented various front end optimizations.
  • Adjusted turn timer to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where a negative number could show when betting.
  • Updated server selector to be more accurate.

DG Casino


  • Released Banked ICE cash poker.
  • Implemented rake logic for cash games.
  • Added 5,000 and 10,000 chip denominations for higher stakes play.


  • Fixed a bug where the dealer card info was not clearly visible from all positions.
  • Fixed a UI issue when placing a bet at the last second.
  • Fixed a bug where it would take the full turn timer if insurance was offered and the player did not have enough to cover.
  • Improved logic based around user disconnection while playing.
  • Implemented multiple stability and consistency improvements in the UI.
  • Implemented additional preventative exploit protections.


  • Fixed a bug with the bet timer when a bet is cancelled.
  • Implemented additional preventative exploit protections.

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