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This week, we released 2 major features: Free Play Mode and Chests. Along with the new features, we also launched a raffle live stream, released our Spring 2023 collection, and added 2x point events.

Grab your drink of choice and let’s recap the week.

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πŸ†• Free Play Mode and Chests

Now you can play ICE Poker Arcade for free and earn points to level up.

Every time you level up from any game mode, you’ll also earn chests that contain random prizes.

Free Play Mode

Each day, you’ll get 2,000 free chips to play with.

Complete daily challenges, compete against others, and increase your chip stack to earn points and level up. To learn more, check out our Free Play guide.


There are 3 types of ICE Poker Chests:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary

Your player level determines the chances of what type of chest you get. The higher your level, the greater chance of you scoring a Rare or Legendary chest.

Each chest contains 2 random prizes such as:

  • Badges
  • Rare skins
  • Emotes
  • Shine
  • Wearables

Higher rarity chests contain bigger and rarer prizes. Many of the wearable prizes are exclusive to chests and you can’t find them anywhere else. To learn more, check out our Chests guide.

Check out what some players are getting from their chests below πŸ‘€

🎟️ Raffle Prizes and Live Stream

Decentral Games raffle wheel with a man
Decentral Games Raffle

We added new raffle prizes! And we’ll now be live streaming all raffle drawings on Kick every week.

New Prizes

We added two Rank 5 All Access wearables:

  • Cyberpunk Synth Jacket
  • Joker Winklepickers

1 badge per entry, 150 entries total. Get yours before they run out!

Live Stream

On Wednesday, we held our first raffle live stream featuring host SpicyPrawn.

Thank you for showing up! Loved all the excitement in the chat and can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday. We’ll be raffling off a Wassie and iPhoneβ€”and giving away some chests to stream viewers.

πŸ† Iceyyy Cup

The second Iceyyy Cup will be next Thursday, Apr 20 at 7:30pm EST and feature some legends from various web3 teams:

  • Rich Cabrera: Cofounder of Ready Player DAO
  • Payton: Founder of Wolves DAO
  • Wrecks: Host at Playconomy
  • Michael Huynh: CoFounder of Decentral CON
  • Wasif: Senior Marketing Manager at Gala Games

Tune in and watch on Twitch, or in the Metaverse at Stronghold and Diamond Hands City.

During the stream, we’ll be giving away 5 chests! Stay tuned for more info.

6 poker game participants
Iceyyy Cup

πŸ‘• Spring 2023 Wearables

Our new Spring 2023 collection has hit the shelves.

Shop from over 15 designs to flex at the table such as Vintage Jersey, Boardshorts, and various new kicks.

πŸ—ž Other Highlights

  • New to ICE Poker? Want to introduce your friend? Check out our Ultimate ICE Poker Beginner’s Guide your one-stop shop for all ICE Poker info.
  • Now you’ll earn 2x points from playing in any Metaverse SNG tournament. We host tournaments every Wednesday and Friday. Check the events calendar below.
  • We partnered with Thirdgate to give all Crown and Scepter owners access to exclusive airdrops, subscription discounts, and tickets. Check out Thirdgate’s platform to see your perks and benefits.
  • We airdropped custom PWN Arcade wearables to the PWN community. Check it out below.

πŸ’» Development Focus

DG Casino

  • Q/Aing Banked ICE blackjack and roulette

ICE Poker Arcade

  • Integrating emotes and custom win animations
  • Adding a Raffle category to the Arcade Prize Shop

πŸ’Ž Ecosystem

  • Treasury: $18.3M
  • Weekly Revenue: $25.3K
  • 87.6K $DG purchased from Polygon validator node rewards
  • 1.1M $ICE purchased from secondary sale royalties, USDC from LP, and LAND sale

View treasury dashboard.

πŸ› Governance



  • None

To submit or vote on proposals, visit Snapshot.

πŸ† Tournaments

Metaverse Tournament

  • Fri: 9-11pm UTC, Chateau Satoshi

All Metaverse tournaments have a 3 Shine entry and you earn 2x points while playing. At each event, 5 random participants will get a chest airdrop.

Arcade Tournament

  • Mon: 60 Shine
  • Tues: 15 Shine Hyper Turbo
  • Wed: 30 Shine
  • Thurs: 15 Shine Hyper Turbo
  • Fri: 99 Shine Deepstack
  • Sat: 30 Shine
  • Sun: 30 Shine

All Arcade tournament events start at midnight UTC and last for 24 hours. 3 Shine tournaments are available 24/7.

To see details of each format, check out the tournament schedule.

πŸ“† Metaverse Events

For all upcoming events, check out our events calendar and follow @DGLiveEvents.

Mon, Apr 17

🎲 Free Game Night w/ $150 USD+ in prizes
9pm UTC/5pm EST, Tominoya

πŸ‘‘ META-VERZUS Season 3 Kickoff Party w/ King Mizo
10pm UTC/6pm EST, Stronghold

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: Max Pain Monday
12am UTC (Tues)/8pm EST, Stronghold

Tues, Apr 18

πŸ‘Ύ ANT-N Radio w/ Special Guest Serena Elis
10pm UTC/6pm EST, Stronghold

 πŸ† Meta Residence Tower Tournament Night
12am UTC (Wed)/8pm EST, Colosseum

Wed, Apr 19

πŸ“Ί Live Raffle Drawing
4pm UTC/12pm EST, Kick

Thurs, Apr 20

πŸ† PWN Tournament Night
6pm UTC/2pm EST, Colosseum

πŸ’Ž Iceyyy Cup Watch Party
11:30pm UTC/7:30pm EST, Stronghold and Diamond Hands City

πŸ’Ž Diamond Hands City Poker Night w/ Iceyyy Cup Live
11:30pm UTC/7:30pm EST, Diamond Hands City

Fri, Apr 21

πŸ† Satoshi’s Tournament Night w/ King Mizo
9pm UTC/5pm EST, Chateau Satoshi

πŸ“Ί Hustler Casino Live: High Stakes Friday
12am UTC (Sat)/8pm EST, Stronghold

πŸ‘₯ Community Spotlight

Morph Spotlight

This week, we highlighted Morph:

  • He started the Diamond Hands Thursday poker nights.
  • He has a cool VR penthouse where you can party with him while he streams.
  • His favorite wearable collection is the DG Suit.

Read Morph’s Community Spotlight blog post to learn more about him.

Decentral Games Community Spotlight: Morph

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