What Is Banked ICE?

ICE Poker: Banked ICE icon

Banked ICE is an in-game currency you earn by playing ICE Poker’s Challenge Mode.

Banked ICE isn’t a currency you can trade on the open market, but you can use it to redeem various discounted rewards in ICE Poker or test your luck in the Decentral Games Casino.

Keep reading to learn more about Banked ICE, how you can earn it, and what you can use it for.

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How Do You Earn Banked ICE?

You earn Banked ICE by playing Challenge Mode and completing your daily challenges.

To earn more rewards, you can get various reward multipliers by playing with higher ranked wearables, multiple wearables, and ranking high on the daily leaderboard.

Challenge TypeReward
Check-in5 $ICE or Banked ICE
Easy23 $ICE or Banked ICE
Medium50 $ICE or Banked ICE
Hard75 $ICE or Banked ICE

If you’re borrowing an All Access wearable, all of your rewards will be in Banked ICE.

However, if you own a wearable then you can choose a custom percentage between Banked ICE and $ICE rewards. To set your percentage, head over to the DG Account page.

ICE Poker Banked ICE and ICE percentage selection screen
Banked ICE and ICE percentage selection screen

What Can You Use Banked ICE For?

You can use Banked ICE to redeem various rewards or head over to the Decentral Game Casino to play roulette and blackjack.

Banked ICE Vault

In the Banked ICE Vault, you can redeem various rewards such as:

  • Discounted All Access wearables
  • Discounted Arcade wearables
  • Shine to add to existing wearables
  • $ICE tokens
ICE Poker: Banked ICE Vault
Banked ICE Vault

Wearables and Shine

Redeeming Banked ICE for wearables and Shine offers a 20-30% discount compared to buying with $ICE.

There are also exclusive All Access wearables that can only be claimed by redeeming Banked ICE, such as the ICE Plague collection.

Decentral Games ICE Poker All Access wearable: The Plague
The Plague All Access wearable


The initial $ICE token conversion rate will be 1 Banked ICE = 0.3 $ICE.

Important All $ICE token conversions will still be subject to the 2,000 $ICE claim minimum. For example, you’ll need 6,667 Banked $ICE to claim 2,000 $ICE.

Decentral Games Casino

Feeling lucky?

You can head over to the Decentral Games Casino and test your luck in various games, such as:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Cash poker (coming soon!)

To play, hop into Tominoya.

Viewing and Redeeming Banked ICE Rewards

To learn how to view and redeem your Banked ICE, read our Banked ICE guide.

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